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The most worried one tonight is Zheng You’an.

She was lying on the hotel bed, opening Ruan Sixian’s WeChat dialog box for a while, and Fu Mingyu’s WeChat dialog box for a while, but she didn’t take the next step.

The two were a couple.

It seems that no matter who she confesses to, it will have the same result.

Zheng You’an has never fallen into such a dilemma since she was a child.

She deeply understands now what it means by ‘disaster emanates from careless talk’.

She originally just wanted to fool her father and stop him from trying to get her together with Fu Mingyu, but she didn’t expect Ruan Sixian to be with Fu Mingyu.

She didn’t expect Dong Xian’s biological daughter to be Ruan Sixian, let alone that Dong Xian told Ruan Sixian about it.

The jokes of fate are always intertwined.

Although Zheng You’an doesn’t think that Fu Mingyu is a very excellent person, it’s a sin to forcibly dismantle a CP, no matter how unpopular the CP is.

Besides, the male lead of this CP is still the one that is not easy to be messed with.

Zheng You’an rolled back and forth on the bed a few times, and then lay on her stomach and hammered the pillow crazily.

Suddenly, she sat up again with her legs crossed and her hair disheveled.

After thinking about it again, she sent a message to Yan’an.

[Zheng You’an]: Brother Yan’an, let’s chat for a while

At this moment, it was eleven o’clock in the middle of the night, and the music in the bar was loud and the smoke was swirling.

Yan’an thought he had drunk too much and glanced at his watch to make sure that he had not mistaken the time.

[Yan’an]: This late into the night, and you are looking for me for a chat

[Zheng You’an]: I want to ask a question.

That is, if you have a girlfriend and your relationship with her is very good, and then someone slanders you in front of your girlfriend that you are a very promiscuous person, what would you do

Yan An thought for a while and felt that this question was not easy to answer.

Because it’s a **ing slander.

It’s the truth.

[Yan’an]: It doesn’t matter.

Just explain the misunderstanding clearly [shows teeth]

[Zheng You’an]: I mean, what will you do to the person who slanders you

[Yan’an]: It depends on whether it’s a man or a woman.

It doesn’t matter if it’s a woman, but if it’s a man, I will kill him.

[Zheng You’an]: What about Fu Mingyu What will he do then

[Yan’an]: Him He is not very considerate.

He doesn’t differentiate between men and women, and will just kill all.

Zheng You’an fell on the bed and sobbed.

[Yan’an]: Why did you ask about him again You still can’t let him go

[Zheng You’an]: Stop joking.

Now, maybe it’s him who won’t let me go.

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On the return trip the next day, it rained instead.

When they arrived in Jiangcheng, the clouds were very low and the plane hovered for nearly half an hour before landing.

Fu Mingyu’s surveillance information was very punctual.

Ruan Sixian received his message as soon as she got off the plane.

[Fu Mingyu]: Have you arrived

Ruan Sixian dragged the flight case and walked fast.

[Ruan Sixian]: Yeah.

[Fu Mingyu]: Come to my office and wait for me

Ruan Sixian looked up and faintly saw a familiar figure in front of the floor-to-ceiling window on that floor.

[Ruan Sixian]: No, I will go home first.

Let’s have dinner at my place.

When Fu Mingyu received the news, he glanced downstairs, and a small smile appeared on the corner of his mouth.

[Fu Mingyu]: Are you going to cook today

[Ruan Sixian]: Yeah.

When he went back to his desk, Zhu Dong called.

Zhu Dong: “Are you free tonight Let’s have a meal outside together”

Fu Mingyu was in a good mood and shook his head.

“No, I have something to do.”

Just after hanging up, Ji Yan’s call came again.

“I’m going abroad on a business trip and it will be for a long time.

Come and have a farewell meal in the evening with me.”

“No.” Fu Mingyu said, “I will be accompanying my girlfriend for tonight’s dinner.”

“Bring her too, then.” Ji Yan said, “There are so many people today and it will be lively.

How lonely it will be if it’s just the two of you.”

Fu Mingyu smiled but said nothing.

After two seconds of silence, Ji Yan snorted and said, “Fine, you just go enjoy the two-person’s world together then.”

Fu Mingyu is in a good mood here, and his work efficiency has doubled.


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