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Dong Xian looked up at her from the book, “What’s the matter”

“It’s nothing, I am just checking things on the internet.” She continued to read various Weibo and forums for a while, then suddenly raised her head and said, “Mom, do you know Li Zhihuai”

“Sort of.” Dong Xian frowned when she heard the name.

“I’ve only met her twice.”

“I also remember that she came to look for you before.

What was she looking for you for”

It was about two years ago.

Zheng You’an remembered that Li Zhihuai visited Dong Xian, but she was not popular yet at that time, and Zheng You’an didn’t take it to heart.

And that matters, if there’s no one that asks about it, Dong Xian didn’t want to take the initiative to say it either.

Now that Zheng You’an talked about it, she just say it casually too.

“She brought a director and a screenwriter team and wanted to make an autobiographical film based on me.”

Zheng You’an said in surprise, “You didn’t agree to it, did you”

“I didn’t agree to it.” Dong Xian said calmly, “There’s nothing to be filmed anyway.”

Having said that, Li Zhihuai’s team was not the first film team to find her.

There are two or three more after that, which fully shows that Dong Xian’s life experience is very attractive to these filmmakers.

As for the reason, it is naturally related to her career.

Seven years ago, the name ‘Dong Xian’ became famous in the oil painting industry.

In the following five years, many of her paintings appeared in the art world and were featured on various exhibitions, which attracted professionals from all walks of life and won numerous awards.

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Two years ago, her paintings were included in the ‘Authentic Works Exhibition of World Famous Contemporary Oil Painters’, which has established her artistic status since then.

A beautiful painter that is full of vitality and solid painting skills which vividly portrayed the inner world of the character, which makes her become like a wonderful flower in the oil painting industry.

Of course, these fame are not the fundamental reasons why film practitioners found her.

When everyone traces back Dong Xian’s past, they notice that she was already 41 years old when she became famous.

Before that, she was unknown and was just an ordinary elementary school art teacher.

Such a ‘late success’ is enough to make the industry sigh, and then they dig deeper into her past and find that she divorced her ex-husband, who was also an elementary school Chinese teacher, when she was 37 years old.

A reporter visited her former colleagues and neighbors, and learned that in addition to being a well-known beauty, everyone was more impressed by her as a good wife and a good mother.

They all praised her for taking very good care of her family.

No one expected her to divorce so suddenly, and they were even more shocked when they found out that she has become a great painter now.

This is very dramatic.

What exactly has she, a good wife and mother who loves her husband and teaches her child so well, experienced to have such a great change.

But no one got the reason behind it.

A publishing house found Dong Xian and wanted to publish a book for her, but was also rejected by her.

“Well refused.” Zheng You’an nodded.

“I think this woman is too amusing.”

“Did you say that she had a relationship with Fu Mingyu” Dong Xian frowned and muttered in a low voice, “Even if he already made it clear, it couldn’t change his habit of messing with women either.”

Zheng You’an didn’t hear Dong Xian’s last murmur and said to herself: “They say that she is making a hype or something like that, but I think she is interested in Fu Mingyu.

After all, she is also a big star.

What kind of man has she not seen Her vision is just so-so.

It seems that the film team she chose is not very good either.”

Dong Xian glanced at her and said nothing.

After following the captain to complete the inspection around the airplane, the two entered the cockpit.

While waiting for the guests, the captain made a call to his home.

Ruan Sixian took her mobile phone and made a reservation for the Internet-famous restaurant in Jinxing City, with the captain’s gentle voice in her ears.


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