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The two ACJ31 that were allocated to Jiangcheng base had caused a heated discussion in the Hengshi Airlines for a while.

Although they have seen the pictures in the promotional film before, they are still deeply shocked when they see the appearance of the plane with their own eyes.

One week before the first flight of ACJ31, many domestic flight attendants began to stare at the company’s application to see who were lucky.

After all, the significance of the first flight is not ordinary.

There must be media interviews and reports, which also shows that the boss should be paying attention to it, and will let the people with the most assurance to arrange the first flight in the past.

Jiang Ziyue is the calmest of all the flight attendants.

A few days ago, she went to Wang Lekang’s office to get the flight mission book.

When she bent down, she saw her name in the folder he had in hand.

Then, she got ready happily and went to Spain with Captain Yue for a holiday.

When she comes back, she will take part in the first flight that attracted people’s attention.

It is also a little holiday that she got when she switched from the international flights to domestic flights.

Towards this matter, Ni Tong still doesn’t understand about it.

The international flights are so good.

They have long holidays, high wages, and they can also play around the world.

Unlike her four-stage flight in this field, it feels like she has never seen anything in the world.

But now the person is in love with Captain Yue and they are about to get engaged.

It’s normal for them to want to return to their families.

With such a fiance, she might even quit her job and become a full-time wife in a few years.

Speaking of the captain, Ni Tong suddenly sends a message to Jiang Ziyue.

“Master, do you know that the pilot who flew over with ACJ31 today is a woman”

The things that Ni Tong had heard of, how can Jiang Ziyue not heard of them.

“I know.

What’s the matter”

Her Master is so calm and Ni Tong immediately feels that she is making a fuss.

Just look at how calm the other party is.

“Ah, it’s nothing.

I just talk about it.

Have a good trip.”

Seeing that Jiang Ziyue has no desire to chat, Ni Tong can only give up and go back to the house to drink with her friends.

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The next morning, before the sun came out, a continuous drizzle awakened the city.

It’s always like this when she goes back to the south.

There’s always a mist in the air and the laundry also won’t dry.

Fortunately, Ruan Sixian has just returned to Jiangcheng, and her clothes haven’t been put in the wardrobe yet.

All the clothes that she will have to wear today were still neatly packed in the box, and she can wear them after ironing it.

The new house she rented is a high-end apartment that had just been handed over last year.

It’s very damp proof, and there’s no moisture on the walls.

And because it’s close to the airport, the senior management and the captain of many airlines have a temporary residence here.

The captain who flew the plane back with her that day also lives here.

The weather was still cold.

Ruan Sixian took out a sweater and put it on her head.

When her head came out, her hair stood up.

Seeing herself like this, Ruan Sixian couldn’t help rolling her eyes at the mirror.

If she thinks about it carefully, she is really cruel to herself.

When she had just entered the Flight Academy, the daily physical training was so abnormal that even several men couldn’t bear it.

Especially when training on a fixed roller, putting people in an iron frame and spinning around, accelerating again and again.

At the beginning, Ruan Sixian also vomited heavily.

She stumbled back to the dormitory, not only to rinse her mouth, but also to wash the dirty things that got vomited on her hair.

Later, she found that it took her a lot more time than other male students to take care of her hair every day, so she decided to go to the barber shop.

She has kept this thick and smooth long hair for more than ten years.

Under her meticulous care, even if she permed it, her curly hair will not be knotted or split.

Even the barber touched her hair again and again and asked reluctantly: “Girl, do you really want to cut it”

Ruan Sixian nodded and said: “Cut.”.

Then, when she heard the scissor’s clicking sound, Ruan Sixian closed her eyes, took a cold breath, and her eyebrows trembled slightly.

After a few cuts, strands of long hair fell to the ground, the weight on her head became lighter and lighter, and Ruan Sixian’s eyes closed more and more tightly.

When she opened her eyes and saw the hairstyle that clearly showed her ears in the mirror, she almost fainted.

Well, she will just think of herself as a person with a lot of experience then.

Fortunately, in recent years, her hair has grown to shoulder length.

Ruan Sixian just recalled the past and was ready to go out when her mobile phone suddenly beeped twice.

She picked it up and saw that it was a WeChat from Bo Yang.

[Bo Yang]: Are you reporting on the job this morning


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