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When Ruan Sixian went in, they suddenly quieted down and looked a little constrained.

“What’s the matter” Ruan Sixian felt the strange atmosphere and stood at the door without going inside.

This time, there was a male flight attendant in the flight crew.

Although he had thick eyebrows and big eyes, he usually talked about skin care products and cosmetics better than some girls.

He automatically became a woman’s friend, but there were still some men’s carelessness in his temperament.

Whatever Ruan Sixian asks, he will answer it all.

“Hey, we are talking about Li Zhihuai.”

“Oh.” Ruan Sixian pulled out the chair and sat down, “It’s been a few days already.

Why are you still talking about this”

“What do you mean by still talking about this The Internet remembered everything.

It’s only a few days ago.

All the posts are still about her.”

When the male flight attendant talked about the gossip, he looked as if he was very familiar with Ruan Sixian, although they had only cooperated twice, “Do you still have any inside information”

The other female flight attendants coughed and were all motioning him to shut up, but he didn’t seem to notice it at all.

He blinked and looked forward to Ruan Sixian’s disclosure.

“I don’t have any inside information.

I may not even know as much as you do.”

The male flight attendant drooped his eyelids in disappointment.

But the fact is so.

For example, the topic they were just talking about was about the rumor that Li Zhihuai is going to star in the ‘Cloud Breaking Sunrise’ movie, which Ruan Sixian didn’t know at all.

This is the key project of Time Pictures this year, because it needs to design a large number of airline backgrounds, which can not be completed by just setting up the scene alone.

Moreover, without a special approval, there is no way for them to enter the airport for shooting, so they have to cooperate with airlines.

It is said that at the beginning, they approached Beihang, but before the news even reached Yan’an, it was already rejected, because Yan’an’s father had learned a lot of lessons because of his son and didn’t want to have anything to do with those celebrities and internet celebrities anymore.

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The Time Pictures then approached Hengshi Airlines.

The Publicity Department then revealed in a chat that the producer came to their door and spent ten minutes chatting with Fu Mingyu about the specific content.

Fu Mingyu liked it very much and directly agreed at that time.

This is the news from two months ago.

If it wasn’t for Li Zhihuai’s incident this time, everyone would have basically ignored this little gossip.

“Now I read on the Internet that Li Zhihuai wanted to pull President Fu to make a hype.” The male flight attendant continued, “But now the car has overturned.

Alas, I used to like her quite a bit and I think she is very suitable to play the role of a female pilot.

She also has a good temperament and is beautiful too.”

After speaking, several people glared at him, and only then did he realize in front of whom he was saying this, and immediately patted his mouth.

“Of course, she is certainly not as beautiful as Co-pilot Ruan.

She is just a crude imitation.”

Ruan Sixian flipped the paper on the table and saw that the captain hadn’t come yet, so she said: “Let’s just chat.

Is there any other gossip”

Yesterday’s experience seems to be over the top.

She still seems to have a lot of lakes and mountains in her mind, so she is in a very happy mood now.

“There’s nothing important either.

Now, she is ridiculed every day and has become a point of laughter.

I think everyone has now given her the nickname of ‘high school female classmate with a story’.”

When the topic became hot, people began to join in.

“She used to be quite popular, but now this wave of manipulation is quite a loss.”

“What’s the loss She may even be willing.

Didn’t you see that she added another hot search related word after our company issued a statement These days, if there is a topic, it is all traffic for popularity.

There’s no difference between good or bad traffic.

Even if it is reddish black, it is also considered red.”


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