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Ruan Sixian never knew that this city of Jiangcheng where she had lived for more than 12 years was so beautiful.

The Superstar whizzed past at an altitude of 500 feet in the sky.

Against the direction of the morning wind chasing the flowing water, accompanied by white clouds, paving the way with the rays of the sun and crossing tens of thousands of cold jade.

The field of vision suddenly widened and the beautiful mountains, rivers and thousands of miles of fertile fields could be seen.

Ruan Sixian has never been a person who pursues speed.

She doesn’t drive fast.

When she flew over Chenghu Lake, she changed the way she flew the plane and circled around instead, then pointed to the front and said: “When I was a child, I came here to learn swimming and jumped down with a swimming ring.

As a result, the swimming circle slipped faster than me.

Before I got into the water, the swimming circle already floated away.

Do you know what I saw that day”

Fu Mingyu rested his head with one hand, thought for a while, and said: “Dragon King”


The cold joke was a little funny, but also not very funny.

When it stopped suddenly, it was funny too.

“I saw crabs crawling in the water and a string of bubbles rising up.”

She said, “I used to think that only the water in the painting would have bubbles, but it turned out to be true too in real life.”

It was the first time he heard Ruan Sixian talk about her childhood.

Fu Mingyu turned his head and saw that she lowered her eyes and looked down obliquely, looking at the river and speaking calmly.

“And then I drank a lot of water.” She suddenly smiled, “Do you know that the water in Chenghu Lake is sweet”

“I know.”

Ruan Sixian raised her eyebrows.

“Did you come here to swim when you were a child too”

She thought that someone who grew up in a family like his wouldn’t come to such a place.

“No.” Fu Mingyu thought of something, smiled and pointed his hand to the back, “Haven’t you seen the end of Chenghu”

Ruan Sixian shook her head.

Chenghu Lake is a special lake with flowing water, not a dead water lake.

It is narrow and long in shape, its width is larger than that of rivers, and its flow rate is larger than that of ordinary lakes with flowing water.

In the past, at most, she would go upstream to have a look, and there would be no way to go further.

There was no other means of transportation either, so she didn’t go to see it.

Fu Mingyu pointed backwards with his finger, “Let’s turn around and go upstream.

The end of Chenghu Lake is beautiful.”

Ruan Sixian turned her head and glanced at it.

Chenghu Lake was boundless as far as the eye could see, and gradually hidden in the mountains and ravines in front of her line of sight.

It seems that there is really something worth exploring there.

“Sit well, President Fu.” Ruan Sixian gestured, “Captain Ruan will serve you wholeheartedly.”

As soon as the voice fell, Fu Mingyu swayed because of inertia.

He reached out to grasp the handrest in time and turned his head to see Ruan Sixian squinting her eyes with a smile.

He could see every root of her eyelashes very clearly, the sunglow flowed on her face, and there was a quiet feeling that was completely opposite to the flight speed at this time.

He looked at her for a long time, just inexplicably didn’t want to move his eyes away, as if he could never see enough.

Ruan Sixian drove for more than 20 minutes before she crossed the hill.

During that time, she also increased her speed.

She didn’t know before that the end of Chenghu Lake was so deeply hidden.

She flew straight down from the green pines and green cypresses, like the Milky Way hanging upside down and the ocean pouring down.

The plane was hovering above the ground, and the splashing water seemed to rush in front of her.

Ruan Sixian was a little emotional.

Sure enough, some scenery can only be seen by rich people.

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“Have you ever come to such a place to play before It feels like there is no road to go to this place, and there’s no one here either.”

Ruan Sixian asked.

“I came during the college summer vacation.” Fu Mingyu said, “I like to look for excitement at that age.”

Ruan Sixian’s temple jumped suddenly and turned to look at him.

Seeing him half narrowing his eyes, and looking very nostalgic, “An unforgettable experience.”


With a woman’s sixth sense, Ruan Sixian felt that he might be really remembering whatever that unforgettable experience right at this time.

This place where birds don’t ** is really exciting, huh

“Oh, it seems that you remember it very clearly.”

Fu Mingyu turned his head slowly, stared at Ruan Sixian’s side face and suddenly smiled.

“It is indeed very clear.

I can still recall the weather that day, the clothes I wore, and how I felt that day.

We sat from dusk to late at night…”

From dusk to late at night

Are you so f*cking awesome

Why Do you still want to give me a detailed description of your mightiness

“Shut up.” Ruan Sixian suddenly dropped to the altitude, “If you still want some excitement, I can satisfy you now.”


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