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Ruan Sixian was stunned, “What are you doing”

When he saw Ruan Sixian, Fu Mingyu was slightly relieved.

The next second, he found that her eyes were red and there were still wet water stains on the corners of her eyes.

“Are you crying”

“Who cried” Ruan Sixian feels so inexplicable that she even smiled slightly.

“You won’t be thinking that I was hiding and crying secretly, right”

“What are you doing this afternoon”

“I am reading books.” Ruan Sixian held the door.

“There’s so many exams every year.

Do you think I don’t need time to prepare for it”

Fu Mingyu turned his head and looked out the window.

His eyebrows are twisted into the shape ‘川‘ and he let out a long sigh of relief.

“Have you seen the content about Li Zhihuai”

“I saw it on my way back.” Ruan Sixian leaned against the door and looked up and down at Fu Mingyu.

“This female classmate of yours is kind of interesting.

We are all human for the first time but how come she has so many ways to do things”

“What about after that Have you seen it”

“What’s there to be seen”

After Ruan Sixian came back, she still felt a little annoyed in her heart, so she put on noise-cancelling headphones, turned her mobile phone to flight mode and read books for a whole afternoon.

Just a high school classmate, not even an ex-girlfriend.

She is too lazy to care about her.

She might as well do more questions when she has that time.

She won’t encounter people who are looking for trouble at her door every year, but vocational examinations are held several times a year.

And unknowingly, after she reads, and keeps reading, she feels calmer instead.

Fu Mingyu slightly bent down, and his tone was so cautious that even he himself didn’t notice it, “You are not angry anymore”

For an entire afternoon, he stood at her door, waiting for her to open the door.

When he had not yet seen her, his nerves were stretched all the time, as if waiting for trial.

He knew the efficiency of the Public Relations Department very well.

It had been solved when he came out.

During this period, Li Zhihuai also called him several times.

He didn’t answer, but he could see that she was very anxious.

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But unexpectedly, Ruan Sixian didn’t read it at all, but devoted herself to preparing for the exam.

Ruan Sixian slightly rolled her eyes: “Am I a pump Do I have so much anger to be let out every day Who is she Is she even worth my anger”

“Huh” Seeing her showing this kind of expression, Fu Mingyu heaved a sigh of relief and stretched out his hand to squeeze her face, “Who rushed to find me today with such a heavy murderous aura”

Ruan Sixian slapped his hand away and stared at him, “I’m too lazy to be angry with her, but you are the one who provoked this matter.

I’m angry with you.”

“Then, what do you want me to do for you to calm your anger” Fu Mingyu asked, “Do you want a plane”

Ruan Sixian thought for a while and nodded solemnly, “I will go upstairs to choose it later.”

“There’s no need to choose.

It’s all yours.” Fu Mingyu said, “Go to bed early today and go out with me tomorrow morning”

Hearing that all the model aircrafts in his entire room belonged to her, her eyes lit up unconsciously.

This wave is not a loss.

And——It seems that this man has more than that room of model aircraft, and there must be more hidden in other places.

Ruan Sixian was a little excited, pursed her lips and nodded, “Okay, let’s see if it’s exquisite enough.”

At the same time, Li Zhihuai called Fu Mingyu for the seventh time, but the other party still didn’t answer.

She opened her Weibo and saw that although her Weibo’s comments had been suppressed by fans, she could still see all kinds of ridicule in the latest comments.

The origin is all because Hengshi Airline Official Blog reposted her Weibo three hours ago.

“Detail explanations: First, President Fu, the operation director of the company, went to see Miss Li’s father because he is the high school head teacher of President Fu.

Everyone has a responsibility to respect teachers.

Second, President Fu and Miss Li have been very busy in the ten years since they graduated from high school.

They met three times, totaling two hours and five minutes, and two of which were the chance encounter at the banquet last night and the visit this morning.

Becoming classmates is fate, graduation is also fate, and whether to meet again all depends on luck.

Hope you all will cherish the classmates around you.


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