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Fu Mingyu roughly glanced at it and noticed that whatever ‘clarified clearly but the truth is disclosed’, whatever ‘sending dark sugar’, and whatever ‘it turns out that there is a reason for the rumour about you going to participate in a movie with aviation theme’.

The enthusiasm of various comments has biased the original meaning of this clarification.

Fu Mingyu threw away the iPad, raised his head and said: “What is the degree of discussion about this matter now”

Bo Yang: “It’s ranking in the hot search does not fall but keeps rising.”

Which means that many people already know about it now.

Fu Mingyu glanced at his personal mobile phone, and indeed, there is a steady stream of new messages that keep coming in.

Ruan Sixian must have seen it too.

He stood up, took off the cuff on his arm and threw it on the table.

Then he walked to the window with the phone, and dropped the word at the same time.

“Deal with it immediately.”

Bo Yang immediately turned around and went out.

But before the door was closed, Fu Mingyu stopped him again, “Ask the driver, where did she go back to.”

Bo Yang naturally knew who the ‘she’ in his mouth was referring to.

At the same time he went to ask the driver, Fu Mingyu went to look at his mobile phone again.

The call kept repeating the mechanical female voice.

“Sorry, the user you dialed cannot be connected temporarily…”

He suspected that Ruan Sixian had blocked him out.

He rubbed the brow bones, then turned around and took another mobile phone to make the call again, but it still couldn’t be connected.

This afternoon is a rare sunny day in this winter.

The light illuminates the corridor and makes it more transparent than usual.

Fu Mingyu rang the doorbell three times, but there was no response inside.

So he knocked on the door again, but there was still no sound of footsteps.

He took a deep breath and called Ruan Sixian again, but he still couldn’t get through.

The phone couldn’t get through and the door didn’t open.

Maybe she didn’t even come in after the driver sent her here.

Fu Mingyu stood at the door for a few minutes and his eyes were getting heavier and heavier.

Half an hour later, he appeared at the door of Bian Xuan’s bar.

It’s not yet half past three in the afternoon and the door of the bar is still closed tightly.

There is no one outside and only a few wild cats are jumping.

Fu Mingyu frowned and looked around.

The irritability in his eyes is ready to come out now.

The phone can’t get through and she can’t be found at all.

Fu Mingyu is more worried about what’s going on with Ruan Sixian now.

Holding his mobile phone, he stood under the sun for a while before getting in the car and returned to Mingchen Apartment.

He found the property’s manager and called up the corridor monitoring record this afternoon.

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The surveillance showed that Ruan Sixian returned home at 1:30, and she didn’t appear in the surveillance again since then.

That is to say, she was at home all the time.

Fu Mingyu went back to her house again and rang the doorbell several times, but still, no one came to open the door.

He continued to call her time and again, but there was still no result.

It happened that she had adjusted her flight time in the past two days and didn’t have to be on standby, so she had every reason to stop the communication tools.

Fu Mingyu looked at the door sternly, clenched his fist and knocked hard for a few times before saying: “Ruan Sixian, I will explain this matter clearly to you, but you have to open the door first.”

After a few more knocks, still, no one responded.

Fu Mingyu smashed the door so hard, but there was still no result, so he took out his mobile phone and opened the chatting dialog with Ruan Sixian in WeChat.

[Fu Mingyu]: Open the door.

The message was successfully sent out, indicating that it was not blocked.

He took a long breath, leaned against the wall and typed a sentence.

“You can lose your temper however you want, but open the door first and listen to me explain things clearly.”

A few minutes after it was sent, there was still no response, and the chatting status did not even show ‘the other party is typing’.

Fu Mingyu stared at his mobile phone for a while and slowly lowered his head.

He felt helpless for the first time in 28 years.

The sunlight outside the window went from bright to dim yellow, and then to nightfall.

Tens of thousands of lights have lit up the night sky at some point.

Ruan Sixian read books for the whole afternoon and her eyes were dry and astringent.

After dropping the eye drops, she put on her coat and was ready to go downstairs to eat something.

However, the moment she opened the door, she saw Fu Mingyu standing at her door.

He didn’t wear a jacket and is still wearing the suit in the room before, which is a little thin in this kind of weather.


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