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The glass fragments in the office have been cleaned up, and all the scattered documents have been sorted out before Bo Yang hurried in with a tight frown.

Behind the desk, Fu Mingyu’s computer was turned on, but he was standing in front of the window to answer the phone.

After Bo Yang came in, he seemed to have something to say.

Fu Mingyu glanced back at him and made a gesture to let him wait.

A few minutes later, after hanging up the phone, he turned and sat back at his desk.

While flipping his mobile phone, he said to Bo Yang: “Is the test flight of that Superstar over”

“It’s over and there’s no problem at all.” Bo Yang said, “It’s Mr.

Helan who personally tested it.”

Because of its own industry relations, I ordered the Diamond DA50 Superstar yesterday, which has been delivered today.

It was docked at the Nan’ao General Airport in the western suburbs, and had been scheduled to complete its test flight as soon as possible.

“Okay.” Fu Mingyu put down his mobile phone, glanced at the time and asked again, “Which location of the airport”

Bo Yang: “The Nanao General Airport has already vacated the northbound runway from 10 am to 6 pm tomorrow and the airspace within the designated range.

During this period, there will be no other commercial general-purpose aircraft will occupy the route, but Nan’ao’s boss said that he has a friend who is eager to take a private photo, so it will occupy about two hours tomorrow, but because he is a novice, he won’t take off and only operates on the ground.”


Nan’ao General Airport is a commercial airport.

Although Fu Mingyu pays to charter it, it is really difficult to schedule.

Nan’ao’s boss is his friend, so he spent a lot of effort to help.

Naturally, he will not tangle over such a small matter.

Fu Mingyu turned on the computer and continued to look at the content he hadn’t finished reading.

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After Bo Yang finished speaking, he said again: “But just now, Miss Li’s side…”

Fu Mingyu looked at the computer, didn’t look up at all, and asked carelessly, “What’s the matter again with her”

Bo Yang reluctantly took out his work iPad, and he never thought that he would check Weibo so frequently today.

“Just now, she posted it on Weibo according to the requirements of the Public Relations Department.”

Today, the Public Relations Department connected with Li Zhihuai and put forward very direct requirements.

First, clarify that the two are just high school classmates.

Second, clarify what they did in the morning.

This matter has been handled by the Public Relations Department in accordance with Fu Mingyu’s personal news handling requirements.

For a long time, apart from necessary business activities, he basically did not appear in the public eye.

In particular, Yan’an from Beihang frequently appeared on hot searches because of personal matters, so Fu Mingyu has been taught many times at home with light or heavy lessons and he became more and more secretive, and his sense of existence on the Internet was almost zero.

So it is impossible for him to come forward specially for Li Zhihuai.

“This request is very simple.

She said it in one sentence and posted it directly, but just now when the Public Relations Department saw it, they felt very dissatisfied.”

Bo Yang thought for a while and added: “The content had already been posted, but it is more popular than the news just now.

If we ask her to change her words again at this time, it may give the impression of covering up instead.

So I want to ask your opinion first and whether to interfere again.”

Fu Mingyu raised his eyes: “Covering up”

Bo Yang, who has been used to reading all kinds of flight data all year round for many years, doesn’t know how to summarize these messy things in words.

“Show me.”

Hearing this, Bo Yang hands over the iPad.

Fu Mingyu glanced at it and saw the short paragraph above.

The expression in his eyes doesn’t change, but his index finger gently taps on the top of the desk.

“This is her response”

At first glance, it was indeed done according to his request.

Fu Mingyu sneered.

Relying on his respect towards the high school head teacher, he thought Li Zhihuai could also inherit her father’s style in doing things.

Unexpectedly, it is quite unorganised and unclear.

When he looks down again at the related comment below it, the variety of things on the screen looks quite lively.


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