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As soon as the voice fell, Fu Mingyu looked at Ruan Sixian and as expected, he saw that she had reached the critical state of rage.

The corners of her lips are tightly closed and her whole person is like a hedgehog, ready to pounce over and prick him to death at any time.

Fu Mingyu looked at her straightly and ordered: “Silent mode.”

Bo Yang nodded, pressed his mobile phone to silent mode, and then exited the office.

There are only Fu Mingyu and Ruan Sixian left in the office now.

He walked over in big strides, unbuttoned the button on his collar and loosened his breath, then stood face to face with Ruan Sixian and said: “She was my high school classmate.

I met her at the reception yesterday.

Her father was my high school head teacher.

He was hospitalized with a cerebral hemorrhage last year and is still not well until now, so I went to see him.”

After hearing him explain it unhurriedly, Ruan Sixian blinks her eyes and she is in a balanced state between believing and not believing him.

After a long time she finally said, “Oh”

“Well” Fu Mingyu asked, “You don’t believe it”

The corners of Ruan Sixian’s eyes were half hanging down and she was keeping a safe distance about half a meter away from him.

Feeling as if she had caught a loophole in his words, the balance in her mind was suddenly broken.

“Do you even need to spend a whole night just to visit an old man”

Fu Mingyu: “I came back with the flight at 9 o’clock this morning.

I originally didn’t have time to visit him at all, but old people always got up early.

Six or seven o’clock in the morning is his most sober time, so I didn’t sleep after the meeting with the North Africa business department in the evening.

I went directly to her father’s house, chatted for a few words and went directly to the airport.

If you don’t believe it, I can ask Bo Yang to show you the minutes of the overnight meeting last night.

It only ends at six in the morning today.

This statement seems passable for the time being.

The flame in Ruan Sixian’s eyes slowly diminished, and the tip of her tongue was pressed against her cheek.

She didn’t know what to say.

Fu Mingyu: “Still don’t believe it”

He pressed the phone’s button on the desk and soon, Bo Yang came in with his iPad again.

On it, was the minutes of last night’s meeting.

After putting it down, he went out.

Ruan Sixian only glanced at it, but didn’t take a closer look at what was on it.

Now that it’s all like this, she also knows it was a misunderstanding.

It’s just that she doesn’t know how to find a step down.

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Seeing her silence, Fu Mingyu leaned over and whispered: “I just finished the meeting at six o’clock and already came out at seven thirty from that place.

In just that little bit of time”

Sure enough, he is indeed someone who is able to communicate with Einstein.

How can he be so able to analyze things with great detail and catch a logical loophole

Ruan Sixian took a step back calmly and pulled out a sneer that she herself thought evenly matched the other party: “Who knows, maybe this little time also includes you, a clean freak, taking two baths already.”

“Then, you want to try”


Fu Mingyu said this seriously, but it has the effect of making her face blush and her heart beat faster.

But it won’t be any problem for her either.

After all, with her status now, she has the confidence to say these words out.

It’s a pity that Ruan Sixian is a person who hits others hard with her cannon mouth, without considering the feelings of others at all.

Acting like a student who had just started the first day of junior high school, she pretended not to understand what he said.

She straightened her hair as if nothing happened and said: “Continue your work then.

I won’t disturb you anymore.

I will just go back and wash the dishes.”

Ruan Sixian turned to leave, but at that moment she saw Fu Mingyu smiled.

Still smiling

Ruan Sixian felt that he was laughing at her depressed situation just now, so she stretched out her hand to pinch his jaw and said, “What are you laughing at”

When her fingertips touched the skin, Ruan Sixian felt that something was wrong.

It feels a little bit rough.

It seems that he had indeed tossed all night, and didn’t even have the time to clean his facial hair.

There was already a shallow stubble at this moment.

When she carefully looks at Fu Mingyu again, the smile at the corners of his mouth is actually not a happy smile, it can even be said that there is a little unhappiness in it.

He raised his hand and grabbed Ruan Sixian’s fingers, then gently pulled them apart and said: “You are already reacting like this for such a small thing only.

Are you worried about me or don’t believe in me”

Ruan Sixian felt a little guilty when he said that.

She didn’t know how to answer it.

She just glanced around and found something.

So she took back her hand, walked to his desk and grabbed the tie.

“President Fu, pay attention to your image.

Don’t be disheveled.”


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