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Ruan Sixian put her hand on his chest and pushed it down, “Oh.

It’s about enough.”

Fu Mingyu let go of her, looked at her clothes and asked: “Are you going out”


I want to buy some vegetables.” Ruan Sixian gathered her scarf and when seeing his dusty appearance, she asked: “Have you eaten”

“No.” Fu Mingyu was planning to take off his coat and when she said this, he withdrew his hand, “Do you want to cook”

Ruan Sixian nodded and hid her chin in her scarf.

“Let’s go then.

To the supermarket.”

Ruan Sixian seldom goes into a supermarket, but it seems that Fu Mingyu has entered more than her.

After entering from the entrance, he conveniently took a cart from the side, looked up at the guidance sign and went straight to the fresh food area.

There are not many people in the supermarket in the morning.

Almost all of them come to buy vegetables,and there are also young couples among them.

At this time, Fu Mingyu seems to still have things that he hasn’t finished with.

Pushing the cart with one hand and answering the phone with the other.

Ruan Sixian followed him and walked slowly.

Occasionally, she picked some ingredients from one side and threw them into the cart.

A few minutes later, Fu Mingyu hung up the phone and put his mobile phone in his bag.

Ruan Sixian naturally noticed his free hand.

Ruan Sixian stared at the counter carelessly, but her right hand quietly passed through his arm and held his arm.

Compared with holding hands, Ruan Sixian actually prefers to hold his arm more because it makes her feel a stronger sense of security.

Fu Mingyu was a little surprised and looked back at her.

Ruan Sixian turned her head away to look at the ingredients.

A few seconds later, she felt that Fu Mingyu was still looking at her, so she turned back and glared at him.

“What are you looking at”

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It’s only a matter of her hand not being very obedient.

Fu Mingyu smiled, “Nothing.

I just look at you because you look good.”

Are these still human words

It’s just that she found out, as soon as Fu Mingyu entered this supermarket, even the sales aunt always looked at him.

Ruan Sixian signaled him with her lips and whispered: “No, I am not.

I am not as good-looking as you.”

Fu Mingyu: “Don’t feel inferior.”

Who feels inferior

Is this man preparing to open a large Hengshi dyeing workshop to enter the garment industry

Ruan Sixian sneered: “It’s true.

If I didn’t feel inferior, I would have a lot of husbands by now.”

When the voice fell, the person next to her stopped moving.

She raised her head and before she recovered her senses, she was lightly bitten on her lips.


Fu Mingyu slowly straightened up and licked the corners of his lips.

“This mouth of yours, needs a little bit of cleaning.”

Ruan Sixian was suddenly coquetted by him in public.

His action was also smooth and slow, and only blinked after a long time.

Under the eyes of many sales aunts who ‘didn’t want to look but couldn’t help looking’, her face that failed to live up to her expectations flushed red and she shut her mouth consciously.

The vegetables in the morning are still very plentiful.

After thinking and choosing for a long time, Ruan Sixian still couldn’t make up her mind.

The person next to her was even worse.

He didn’t look at the vegetable product at all and it was as if he was coming to the supermarket to raise the step count in his WeChat.

“What do you want to eat”

“I am fine with anything.”

Ruan Sixian felt that she heard a little distrust of her cooking skill from Fu Mingyu’s ‘I am fine with anything’.

“There’s no ‘I am fine with anything’ dish.

I will give you three seconds to think about what you want, or we will just return home the way we came.”

After speaking, she immediately began to count: “One, two, three——”

Fu Mingyu lowered his head to look at her with a faint smile: “Anything I want”


Ruan Sixian took a deep breath, picked up a box of beef and threw it into the cart.

Then she said expressionlessly: “Then just eat it if you like it and don’t eat it if you don’t like it.”

Because her cooking skill is really not good enough, Ruan Sixian finally only picked some fresh vegetables.


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