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After graduating from high school for nearly ten years, they both went in a different direction and it could be said that they have not seen each other for a long time already.

Fu Mingyu remembered that the last time he met Li Zhihuai was last year, when his high school’s class teacher, that is her father, was seriously ill.

He took the time to make a visit and the two of them only exchanged a quick glance in the ward.

Fu Mingyu is not a person who will frequently contact people.

The University he studied in is not in China and he has very little contact with his high school classmates.

When he returned home after graduation, everyone got the news and invited him to a party every now and then.

He either couldn’t go because he really has some businesses, or he excuses himself by pretending that he has to take care of some businesses.

He never appeared at that kind of big or small scale classmates meeting.

He is usually too busy at work so he doesn’t want to waste his time on this kind of unnecessary social interaction.

To be realistic, that group of high school classmates are no longer in the same circle as him, and he doesn’t need to spend time maintaining relationships with them.

But Li Zhihuai, he has some impressions.

First, Li Zhihuai is the daughter of his high school class teacher.

Because of the teacher, they have somewhat more or less connections.

Second, this year, Li Zhihuai’s sense of existence is too strong.

She frequently dominates the screen and the hot search.

Although Fu Mingyu is busy with his work, he has heard about her many times from his friends.

Speaking of it, Li Zhihuai was not outstanding in high school.

If it were not for the reason of the class teacher, Fu Mingyu would not have noticed her at all.

The aesthetic at that time did not favor the kind of appearance like hers.

She was too heroic and not femine enough, and she didn’t know how to dress herself up either.

She had a short haircut and dressed in a school uniform just like a tomboy.

Later, when she was admitted to the film academy, some people were not optimistic about her and expected that her future career would be bumpy.

This is particularly true too.

It has been six or seven years since she took part in the first drama last year.

She has reached the age of twenty-seven or twenty-eight and she is not well-known.

Even the agent is almost giving up on her.

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Who knows that this year, she seems to have hit the bottom and rebounded instead.

From the low-cost romance movie at the beginning of the year that became the box office’s dark horse, to the summer vacation comedy’s word-of-mouth, and then to the award-winning literary and artistic movie not long ago, all the way from the 18th line actress to the first-line actress.

It is said that ‘popularity’ nurtures people, probably because of the rise of fame and the improvement of resources in all aspects.

Li Zhihuai is like a reborn person, growing more beautiful with a unique charm.

“I heard that you came to the air show.

Why didn’t Yan’an come together with you” Li Zhihuai wore a long shawl that covered her curly hair shawl, which was wrapped with some gold thread and it faintly revealed some light under the banquet hall’s lighting.

“His sister attended the air show.” Fu Mingyu raised his glass.

“Congratulations, I heard that you won the award last month.”

Li Zhihuai said with a smile: “I just benefited from the limelight of the director and screenwriter.”

She raised her head and took a sip of wine, tapped her finger on the foot of the glass and wondered what to say next when she saw Fu Mingyu’s eyes fall on his mobile phone again.

He lowered his head down to look at his mobile phone and saw Ruan Sixian’s message of ‘As long as my older brother changes quickly, there will be no sadness and only love :)’, and his teeth feel somewhat itchy.

[Fu Mingyu]: Do you want to be cleaned up by me

When Fu Mingyu replied to the message, Li Zhihuai’s wine glass was placed in front of her mouth, and she looked at him in a half-concealed way.

Last year, when they met in the ward, she was in a rush and didn’t even say a word to him, but the man was still as dazzling as when he was a teenager.

The difference is that his temperament has become more and more stable.

Today, under the brilliant lights of the banquet hall, when she looked closely at his eyebrows, she only felt that he is more determined and manly than when he was still young.

“Are you very busy”

“It’s still okay.” After putting away the mobile phone, Fu Mingyu said, “It’s a message from my girlfriend.”


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