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The supplementary flight that day took off at 3 in the afternoon, and they are all transferred into an Airbus 330.

Although the passengers still complained one after another, their emotions gradually subsided after receiving the corresponding monetary compensation.

The complaint of the troubling passenger naturally did not take effect, and he was taken away by the police because of intentionally hurting people.

The scald on Ruan Sixian’s neck is not a major problem but it is still hot scalding water anyway so the peeling of a layer of skin is an inevitable thing.

Fortunately, the few days ahead coincide with her quarterly flight time reaching the upper limit.

She has several days of rest and she can take good care of her burns at home, otherwise she will have to take care of it while she is still filling her flight hours.

But taking a vacation to recuperate does not mean that she can lie in bed all day long.

In the face of intensive examinations, simulator training and model retests, Ruan Sixian almost always has to sit in front of her desk to do it.

She is busy.

Her boyfriend is even busier than her.

After dealing with the troubling passenger yesterday, he answered a phone call and flew straight to Fudu city.

Fly, fly, fly.

Flying every day.

In the plane all day long.

Why doesn’t he just be the captain himself

Ruan Sixian poked the book twice with her pen, changed her other hand to support her chin, turned two pages of the book, and her thoughts returned to yesterday afternoon again.

She started to feel that something was wrong.

Fu Mingyu, as far as the action is concerned, it is indeed quite efficient, and he is also quite qualified when he is chasing her.

He is so busy but he can still find time to take her home, have a meal together, make a phone call and chat for a while.

But he just can’t say “I like you”.

It’s not that Ruan Sixian has to tangle with this point, but she feels a little strange.

It is reasonable to say that the process of her getting acquainted with Fu Mingyu was really a bit tortuous.

To the extent that she trampled on Fu Mingyu’s head time and again.

Shouldn’t a normal man be so angry and furious if they were to encounter such a thing

Do the presidents really like the kind of woman who is ‘so pure and fresh, so unaffected and dares to disobey me’

Okay then.

Ruan Sixian thinks that they have gotten to this point now anyway.

She shouldn’t be entangled in whether her boyfriend likes her or not.

If he doesn’t like her, will he still pursue her

If he doesn’t like her, will he press her and kiss her too

But she didn’t hear him say that sentence personally, which led to Ruan Sixian’s lack of confidence to do certain things sometimes.

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For example, she is a little bored right now and wants to send him some messages.

It’s nothing important, just a few small chats.

But she couldn’t just harass him so naturally like other people who could talk about a few small things, such as losing a few more hairs or other trivial things.

Those things came from the support of interlinked kind feelings between each other.

But for her, she even has to find a reason when sending Fu Mingyu a message or when doing something.

The more Ruan Sixian thinks about it, the more she feels that she is a little nervous.

She was really so muddleheaded that she agreed to be someone else’s girlfriend just like this.

She even reasonably suspected that Fu Mingyu was tired and bored from his work and only wanted to find a woman to accompany him to solve his loneliness.

Otherwise, yesterday when she pulled his tie, why would he look like he couldn’t stand it anymore

Had it not been for Bo Yang knocking on the door midway and entering the room, he might have done some debauchery in the day.


She shouldn’t keep thinking about it any more.

Ruan Sixian adjusted her sitting posture and put aside all her messy thoughts.

She is already his girlfriend anyway.

If she wants to send it, she can just do it right away.

If he dares to not reply to her message, let him kneel on the dashboard then.

Thinking up to this point, Ruan Sixian grabbed her mobile phone and sent a message to Fu Mingyu.

[Ruan Sixian]: Boyfriend.

Fu Mingyu, who was far away in Fudu city to participate in an air show, quickly replied to the message.

[Fu Mingyu]: Hm

Ruan Sixian tapped her finger on the screen while thinking about what to say to make her look more calm and not make up a conversation.

[Ruan Sixian]: What are you doing

[Fu Mingyu]: Do you miss me

Ruan Sixian: “…”

The president’s self-confidence is really pinched very tightly.

[Ruan Sixian]: It’s not like that.

I just want to ask when the quarterly bonus will be paid.

Fu Mingyu didn’t reply to her message this time but a few minutes later, Ruan Sixian received a transfer message from the bank.

[Fu Mingyu]: Is that enough

Ruan Sixian looked at the message and felt a little unable to express it with words.

It is indeed difficult for modern and contemporary plastic lovers to communicate normally.

Does she look like a woman who is easily subdued by money

[Ruan Sixian]: I am not asking you for money, and I am not short of money either.

[Fu Mingyu]: So, you do miss me

Ruan Sixian: “…”

This kind of logic and this kind of thinking.

[Ruan Sixian]: Your logic is too amazing I can’t understand it so you can go and communicate with Einstein instead.


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