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Before she finished, the man heard the words ‘can take off this afternoon’, his eyes flushed red and then he splashed Ni Tong with the water in the thermos bottle.

Ni Tong screamed and fell backwards.

Ruan Sixian had a faster reaction, pulled Ni Tong and took her aside.

As a result, Ni Tong avoided the boiling water from splashing on her face, but Ni Tong’s chest and Ruan Sixian’s neck were not spared.

The security officer reacted quickly enough and immediately came forward to subdue the man, but he didn’t realize that the passenger behind them wanted to leave in panic, pushed the crowd and the man who splashed the water fell to the ground with the thermos bottle.

For a moment, the situation at the cabin door exploded.

The scalding hot water stung a large area of other’s skin, it hurt fiercely and there was a messy scream in the ear.

Ruan Sixian closed her eyes tightly and her brain was buzzing.

“They hit someone! They hit someone! The airline’s crew hit someone! I want to sue you all!”

There are priorities in matters.

The whole crew and the troubled passengers still have to resolve their conflicts first.

The person in charge of the airport and the manager of Hengshi Airline’s Business Department came, and it took them nearly an hour to coordinate this matter.

When Ruan Sixian and Ni Tong came out, the scalding hot water on their clothes had already cooled down.

Ni Tong was just splashed with hot water on her chest and it was also blocked by her clothes.

Her situation was a little better.

The place where Ruan Sixian suffered was her bare neck and the skin there is still red until now.

They went to the airline’s doctor to get themselves checked and were treated with medicine.

When they came out, their air pressure was very low.

Ni Tong felt aggrieved and cried directly.

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“Who is to blame for this anyway If the plane had a problem and was still forced to fly, did he want to be buried with all the people in the plane How come there are such unreasonable people every month, and every year.

What am I actually getting through”

She raised her hand to wipe her tears, choked up and said, “Everything is based on the standard of passengers.

One hundred passengers’ acceptance can’t compare with one passenger’s complaint.

We even have to be scolded and suffer wrong.

We have an occupational illness and ran to the hospital for treatment as soon as we took a break.

Is there anyone out there who is as young as us but already has such a dense medical record book Even all the money we earn that is more than others is handed over to the hospital.”

When she was at the adjustment office, Ruan Sixian’s nose was pointed by that man and she was scolded by him for a while.

Now her ears are full of Ni Tong’s complaints, and her mood becomes more and more depressed.

Every time she sits in the cockpit, there is an endless sky in front of her and the lives of hundreds of people behind her.

Both the responsibility and pressure can be replaced by her hearty love towards her profession.

But when encountering such things, prejudice, distrust and unreasonable arrogance that follow one after another, anyone will have a surge of negative emotions.

It’s just that Ruan Sixian is used to self regulating her emotions, and now she still has to comfort Ni Tong.

“Forget it, just let him sue.

Nothing will happen after the verification anyway.

You have done a good job.”

When she walked to the elevator, Ni Tong’s emotions finally stabilized but as soon as her mobile phone rang and she saw that it was a call from her mother, she immediately answered the phone with a cry.

“Mom, I almost died of anger today…”

Ruan Sixian kept listening to Ni Tong crying to her mother until the elevator reached the 14th floor.

Ruan Sixian rubbed her nose, took out her mobile phone and looked at it.

There was nothing at all there.

It’s fine if there’s no family member that calls her.

But where is her boyfriend Where is her boyfriend right now! What about the mysterious boyfriend she knows nothing about

The elevator door opened slowly.

As soon as Ruan Sixian raised her eyes, she saw her mysterious boyfriend she knows nothing about is striding towards her.

Oh, he is still alive.

At the moment of seeing her, Fu Mingyu was stunned, and then his footsteps became even faster.

Ruan Sixian took a step and walked out of the elevator.

Fu Mingyu stopped in front of her and looked at her neck.

He didn’t say anything, only pulled her to turn around and left.

He didn’t care about Ni Tong on the side and completely treated her as air.


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