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It took only ten minutes to finish the meal, during which Ruan Sixian didn’t say a word to Fu Mingyu.

She reasonably believed that Fu Mingyu was just playing rogue in an obscure way.

But it also makes it difficult for her to refute.

The more she goes on, the more biased it will become.

Although there are not many people in the eatery, there is still a couple sitting close enough to hear their conversation.

At least he is also the future successor of a listed company.

Can he still have his dignity if she keeps whining in public

Fortunately, he is not in Shanghai, otherwise people don’t even know which trash can to throw him into.

Fortunately, on the way back, Fu Mingyu was very calm and did not make any verbal or physical hooliganism.

Ruan Sixian thinks this is mainly due to the fact that he answered three phone calls during the five minute drive and didn’t have time to say or do anything else.

It was not until the car drove into the apartment that he finally had the free time and glanced sideways at Ruan Sixian.

“Where will you fly to tomorrow”

Ruan Sixian didn’t speak.

Fu Mingyu: “What’s the matter”

“Can you restrain yourself more” Ruan Sixian felt that her expression and tone were so serious that it should be able to alert the person next to her.

After all, they are already boyfriend and girlfriend, so she had to have some heart-to-heart communication.

“Pay more attention to the impact of your words.”

“Hmm” Fu Mingyu parked his car downstairs and turned his head to look at her.

“What did I say”

Ruan Sixian’s ears turned red when the topic was brought up again.

Fortunately, she had put her hair down when she got off the plane, and Fu Mingyu should not be able to see it at this time.

“During dinner just now, what did you say”

“What did I say during dinner” Fu Mingyu touched the steering wheel with one arm and there’s a slight smile in his voice, “Wasn’t you the one who said it first”

Ruan Sixian: “…”

So, is it still my fault

All right.

You are a good person and I am not worthy of you.

Forget me.

Now, next person.

Ruan Sixian unilaterally breaks up with Fu Mingyu in her heart, then forces herself to calmly unfasten her seat belt and get ready to get off the car.

Just as her hand touched the car door, the person behind her suddenly pulled her and dragged her back.

“I have something to do and have to go back to the company.

Go to bed early.”

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Ruan Sixian nodded to her ex-boyfriend, “Oh.”

After a while, Ruan Sixian found that her ex-boyfriend was still pulling herself.

I got it already!

Still not letting go!

She turned around with a frown and suddenly met Fu Mingyu’s deep gaze.

The thin layer of anger disappeared in an instant.

This may be the best interpretation of ‘just looking at that face can calm one down’.

There was no light in the car and only the street lights that penetrated dimly.

The fine dust floated slowly between the light and shadow in the beam, and the breathing seemed to become particularly slow.

When he leaned over, Ruan Sixian subconsciously closed her eyes.

The expected kiss did not fall, but a chuckle was heard.

Ruan Sixian opened her eyes.

Fu Mingyu was very close to her as he smiled and said: “Do you think I want to kiss you”



Ruan Sixian was very flustered and a little bit ashamed.

She went to slap him on the face.

But he pressed her hand on his face instead, then leaned over and whispered: “I indeed want to kiss you.”

When the words fell, he kissed her.

Very gentle, very affectionate, but without the feeling of nostalgia.

Half a minute later, he opened his eyes, rubbed her hand on his face for a moment, and said in a deep voice: “Good night.”

Ruan Sixian walked to the elevator, pressed the up button and licked her lips at the same time.

She found that no matter what degree of kiss, Fu Mingyu could always lead her and made her unconsciously addicted to it.

With just half a minute’s kiss, she decided to forgive Fu Mingyu, unilaterally reconcile with him, and sent him a message reminding him to remember to have dinner.


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