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Fu Mingyu looked at the rear-view mirror and parked the car neatly into the roadside parking area, “Don’t you like this”

“Oh.” Ruan Sixian began to unfasten her seat belt, “It’s fine.”

The corners of her mouth raised a little bit as she opened the door and got out of the car.

The car stopped on the right side so Ruan Sixian’s side was facing the clam vermicelli’s eatery.

She and Fu Mingyu got out of the car at the same time, but he had to take a few steps to get to her side.

Under the bright street lamp, she saw Fu Mingyu take out his mobile phone to answer a call.

With a frown, he walked next to her and took her hand casually.

It was so natural that it seemed as if they had been in a relationship for several years already.

Obviously, they had just confirmed their relationship less than an hour ago.

——Thump thump.

When the warmth of his palm touches hers, Ruan Sixian’s heart beat becomes disorderly again.

Fu Mingyu whispered something to the person on the other end of the phone.

He felt that the hand he held was a little hot, so he looked back at Ruan Sixian.

Although Ruan Sixian was flustered when she met his gaze, she also looked back at him with ‘what are you looking at’ meaning in her eyes.

Fu Mingyu smiled and led her into the eatery.


Just let the engineers get you the information of the aircraft’s failure reservation and maintenance operation restriction, then you take over it…”

Fu Mingyu’s voice floated a little far away, and Ruan Sixian’s attention was on the hand holding her.

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His palm was large and rough, and she felt the bone belonging to a man covered her sensitive hand, giving her a sense of restlessness.

She found that when she kept thinking that this person’s identity was her boyfriend, the surroundings became very quiet, and it seemed that her breathing and heartbeat became much more obvious.

Since it’s not yet the meal time and there’s still a little bit of time before the ordinary off-work’s time, there is surprisingly no queue in this eatery.

There are only a few customers in it.

Tonight, Ruan Sixian really wants to eat clam vermicelli.

What could be more tempting than a bowl of steaming clam vermicelli on a cold late autumn night

The owner even remembered the combination of Fu Mingyu and Ruan Sixian.

When the two of them walked in, the owner’s eyes even showed a confused look of ‘to be able to attract this kind of person who seems like a domineering president to come for the second time, how delicious is my food actually’.

“The two are here again.

What would you like to eat today”

Ruan Sixian wiped the stool while saying: “Owner, you actually still remember us”


Of course I remember.” There were not many guests so the owner was interested in chatting and wiped his hands on his waist apron twice.

“How can I forget the two who look like immortals”

Ruan Sixian was a little happy because of the owner’s compliment.

She smiled and ordered a hot and sour clam vermicelli, and also specially asked the owner to put in more clams and said that she doesn’t mind paying more for it either.

“There’s no need.

I will just add more for you.

Don’t forget to come back again next time.” Then the owner went to ask Fu Mingyu, “What about you What would you like to eat”

Just now, Bo Yang sent him several MELCDL project lists to be issued and it is somewhat urgent.

Fu Mingyu had to take time out to look at his mobile phone at this time.

So without raising his head, he just said: “Same as her.”

The owner heard a bit of perfunctory feeling from his tone, and suddenly realized that it wasn’t because his food tastes good.

He descended down to the earth only to accompany his girlfriend.

The owner answered and left.

Ruan Sixian sat opposite Fu Mingyu and saw him staring at his mobile phone.

She didn’t know what he was doing, so she stretched out her leg and gently kicked him.

“What are you doing”

Fu Mingyu looked up at her and said with some pacifying tone: “I have to deal with the quarterly report of the maintenance department.

Wait for me for a moment.”

What am I waiting for you for

Ruan Sixian supported her cheek and looked up at the TV in the eatery.


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