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Open the door, get in the car, sit down and fasten the seat belt.

Everything is normal and so normal.

Ruan Sixian sat down slowly, with a standard posture as if she were attending a physique course.

She secretly glanced at Fu Mingyu next to her.

Fu Mingyu got into the car a moment slower than her.

He raised his face, supported the steering wheel with one hand, buckled and pressed the seat belt with the other hand, and then the car started at the same time with a light clicking sound.

He turned to look at Ruan Sixian: “What are you looking at”


Ruan Sixian retracted her gaze stiffly, and said calmly: “You seem to have something on your face.”

Fu Mingyu raised his hand and touched his cheek, then spread out his palm and looked at it.

There was nothing.

He just smiled and didn’t expose Ruan Sixian.

The car slowly drove out of the underground parking space and came to the ground.

Ruan Sixian could see many colleagues hurried to the door after work.

Someone was standing on the steps of the treelawn opposite the security booth and spotted the sports car, pretending to take a casual look at the co-pilot seat.

This look happened to meet Ruan Sixian’s eyes.

The other party seemed to have no special expression and looked away very naturally.

Ruan Sixian read some meanings from the man’s eyes like reading comprehension.

——’Oh, President Fu sent his girlfriend off work again.’

Ruan Sixian’s sense of vanity that couldn’t fall to the ground increased again.

It was so unreal that she even felt like she was imagining things.

At the beginning of the year, she clearly still saw this man lose his temper every day.

Almost to the point where he even wanted to engrave the words ‘I don’t want to see you anymore’ on his face.

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Her life also seemed to be suddenly dragged by God to Fu Mingyu’s side and even pulled a red string for them without asking the parties involved whether they agreed or not.

It’s hard to imagine that this person beside her turned out to be her boyfriend in the end.

The word ‘boyfriend’ means a lot.

It tied two people together and entangled all kinds of things in life together too.

It’s fine if it is just having a meal together, going shopping and going for a walk.

The most unusual one is the things that only couples can do, such as kissing and even deeper behaviors, have become a natural thing.

At the thought of this, Ruan Sixian suddenly felt a faint tightness on her scalp.

Her heart seemed to climb to her throat and as if a sour feeling spread from her neck to her chest, making her feeling somewhat lost.

The sky turned dark early in late autumn.

It was less than seven o’clock but the night had fallen completely.

The road they are taking is not the way back to Mingchen Apartment.

Ruan Sixian turned her head to look at the person who was driving the car.

“Where are you going”

Fu Mingyu stepped on the brake slowly and stopped at the traffic light.

“What do you want to eat”

Ruan Sixian: “Huh”

Fu Mingyu turned to look at her: “Shouldn’t I take my girlfriend to dinner”


Ruan Sixian is still a little unaccustomed to the title of ‘girlfriend’, especially when she sees his eyes, she still feels a little dazed.

After her identity changed, Ruan Sixian felt that his gaze looked different.

It’s very straightforward and even somewhat seductive.

She opened her mouth and wanted to say that she wanted to eat clam vermicelli but when it came to her lips, it turned into “What do you want to eat” instead.

Fu Mingyu didn’t speak and only looked at her like that for a while, with a smile in his eyes.

Ruan Sixian turned embarrassed from being looked at by her boyfriend like that.

So she turned her head, looked at the indicator light in front of them and said, “Western Banquet”

He seems to like this restaurant.

Ten minutes later, Ruan Sixian found something wrong with the road they were taking.

This is the direction towards the pedestrian street next to Mingchen Apartment.

She turned her head and glanced at Fu Mingyu.

“We aren’t going to Western Banquet”


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