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It seems that because of the kiss on her forehead, Ruan Sixian feels that even though he doesn’t do anything now, everything has become different.

Even though his intention has long been stated clearly, there has never been such a clear intimate action.

A unique intimate action between men and women.

——When the elevator door opened, Fu Mingyu also followed her in.

“You still want to go up”

Ruan Sixian asked.

Fu Mingyu looked down and smiled: “What’s the matter with you today Can’t I go up”

Even if he didn’t say that he wanted to send her to the door of the house, he lived upstairs, why couldn’t he go up there then

“I didn’t mean that.

Isn’t a member of your family…”


The voice fell and the two were silent at the same time.

Seeing Fu Mingyu’s probing eyes, Ruan Sixian turned her face away.

Because of an accidental slip of tongue, she has a guilty conscience and doesn’t know where to put her eyes on now.

The elevator door closed silently and the surrounding air suddenly became suffocating.

Ruan Sixian felt Fu Mingyu approaching her one step after another.

“You were not asleep”


Ruan Sixian was speechless.

Fu Mingyu, with one hand in his pocket, leaned close to her, and the air pressure wrapped her body all over invisibly.

He lowered his eyes, raised his eyebrows and the expression in his eyes gradually became so direct as if it implied some meaning in it.

There’s no other way.

She can’t turn around and go back anymore.

Ruan Sixian raised her head and held her chin up, “Why, is it reasonable for you to kiss me stealthily then”

Fu Mingyu just looked at her deeply.

He didn’t speak but the corners of his mouth were holding a smile.

Ruan Sixian roughly understood the meaning in his eyes.

‘You didn’t respond and even pretended to sleep all the time.

Then it means you are not against it too, right’

The thing that even she didn’t understand herself, was directly pierced by him.

A rush of heat surged up and Ruan Sixian stepped on him, not knowing whether it was because she was ashamed or annoyed.

He didn’t dodge or avoid it, and even didn’t change his expression at all.

Fu Mingyu bent over, leaning closer and closer.

Ruan Sixian was forced to a corner by him, her back against the elevator wall, and the cold marble even felt hot to her.

No one pressed the elevator’s button, the small space stagnated without any movement in it and even the air seemed to have stagnated.

As soon as he spoke, his breath immediately wrapped around her.

“Then I still want to advance an inch.

May I”

It ended with an inquiry but there was no intention to inquire at all.

He just bowed his head and kissed her.

Fu Mingyu gently touched her lower lip and just tasted it.

When he felt her subconsciously shrinking back, he opened his eyes and saw her eyes closed and her eyelashes trembling gently.

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After a pause, Ruan Sixian slowly opened her eyes and met his gaze.

In that second, her senses returned.

His move just now was just testing her attitude.

And the stagnation at this moment is him confirming through the expression in her eyes.

Ruan Sixian didn’t know what kind of eyes she had at this time.

She just felt that her heart was about to jump out.

She never thought it would be like this tonight.

Never thought that there would be such a substantial contact, which was beyond her expectation and was completely out of her control, but her brain and body didn’t want to reason with her at all and was completely led away by Fu Mingyu.

She half opened her mouth and wanted to take a deep breath to calm her mood, but Fu Mingyu drew his hand out, held her face and kissed her completely without restraint.

The smell of alcohol poured in one by one, little by little.

Someone upstairs pressed the elevator and the two of them were slowly ascending, but they didn’t feel the changes around them.

Ruan Sixian’s back was against the elevator wall, and the sense of weightlessness hit her mind and body at the same time.

——Until the elevator door suddenly opens.

It was on the tenth floor again.

The old lady holding the Labrador looked at the situation in the elevator and got stunned, then immediately held down the lively dog.

Ruan Sixian woke up instantly and pushed Fu Mingyu hard.

He stood still and just glanced back.

The arrogant and unscrupulous eyes frighten the old lady into embarrassment, and she drags the dog back: “Sorry for the interruption.

Please continue, continue.”

The dog didn’t want to go and still wanted to jump into the elevator.

The old lady dragged the leash hard.

“Damn thing! Let’s go! Let’s go! Let’s go! Go home!”

Ruan Sixian: : “…”

Ruan Sixian looked at Fu Mingyu’s jaw line and saw that he slowly turned around.

His chin rubbed against the tip of her nose, then he bowed his head and kissed the corners of her lips again.

“Sister, give me some response.”

His fingers brushed the hair on her cheek and his fingertips rubbed it carefully.

Then, he wanted to kiss her again.

The reasoning in Ruan Sixian’s mind was finally pulled back by the old lady’s ‘damn thing’.

Damn thing!


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