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Zhu Dong forked a piece of apple and before it was fed into his girlfriend’s mouth, he saw Ruan Sixian throw a piece of mahjong and he immediately said: “It matches, it matches.”

His girlfriend’s eyes lit up in an instant.

She stopped eating the apple and immediately flipped the row of mahjong pieces in her hands.

Ruan Sixian took a deep breath.

What the hell is going on today!

Zhu Dong smiled and said to his girlfriend: “Quickly thank President Fu for buying you a bag today.”

Zhu Dong’s girlfriend immediately smiled towards Fu Mingyu: “Thank you, President Fu.”

Fu Mingyu smiled and didn’t speak, but Ruan Sixian was surprised.

This pile of chips can even buy a bag

Are the capitalists’ bets so big

When the losing chips were pushed out, her table became completely empty.

Ruan Sixian looked up at Fu Mingyu, “Do you still want to continue”

Fu Mingyu turned and took new chips from the waiter’s tray: “Continue.”

“What if I lose again”

Fu Mingyu felt funny and played with the chip in his hand.

Losing is losing.

What else can it be

“Otherwise You will pay it yourself if you lose again”

Ruan Sixian: “…”

Didn’t I play in your stead Why do I have to pay it by myself now

“I didn’t mean that.

You guys’ bets are so big.

Can I even afford to lose Is this exploiting the middle class then”

Before Fu Mingyu could speak, Zhu Dong’s girlfriend rushed to say: “This one is easy to solve.

If you lose, you have to kiss President Fu.

Each kiss is worth ten thousand yuan.”

The atmosphere at the scene suddenly heated up, and everyone looked at her with a faint smile.

Ruan Sixian’s ears hidden in her hair instantly turned red.

Some people even agreed, “I think it’s okay.

It’s boring if it was all money anyway.”

Fu Mingyu looked down at Ruan Sixian.

The chip turned in his hand and made a slight sound.

His gaze can’t be said to be that gentle, but there is a slight provocation in it——Are you afraid

Ruan Sixian’s throat was itchy and she turned her head away so as to stop looking at Fu Mingyu.

The emotions in her heart turned back and forth, and she couldn’t make a sense of it.

Just then, Zheng You’an opened the door again and came in again.

Seeing the strange atmosphere, she asked: “What’s wrong”

No one spoke.

But her interruption gave Ruan Sixian room for maneuver.

She flipped down the mahjong pieces in front of her and said: “It doesn’t necessarily mean that I will definitely lose.”

Surrounded by the ambiguous eyes of everyone, Ruan Sixian touched the last mahjong piece.

With different bets, everyone’s interest rose up together with it, as if advancing gradually and entrenching oneself at every step.

Those who didn’t know will even think that it was the layout put by the military division.

Only Yan’an’s emotions that are incompatible with others.


Yan’an scolded the curse in his heart.

This is the second time already that the woman he likes turned to Fu Mingyu’s side.

The playing time of this round seems to be drawn so infinitely slow.

There are only the last few mahjong pieces left on the table but the situation is still not obvious.

However, Fu Mingyu squeezed the chips in his hand and sat down slowly on the sofa at the back.

Then he leaned back relaxedly and picked up the wine on the table casually.

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Yan’an suddenly threw out a piece with four barrels.

Ruan Sixian was taken aback for a moment and immediately took it away.

“I won.”

Ji Yan looked at the mahjong pieces on the table and turned his head to ask Yan’an: “Did you do it deliberately”

Yan’an frowned: “I threw out the wrong one.”

Ruan Sixian didn’t know how they looked at this situation, but Fu Mingyu’s voice behind them came from a distance: “Landing without regret.”

Yan’an turned around in a complicated mood and looked at Fu Mingyu with a sneer in his heart.

What is he pretending to be a gentleman for

Even so, Ruan Sixian still accepted the mahjong piece comfortably.

She picked up one and rubbed it, then threw it out after thinking about it  for a long time.

Zhu Dong’s girlfriend, who has been calm and quiet, suddenly slammed her row of mahjong pieces down.

“A deck of cards.

Hey, sorry, younger sister.”

The whole room was instantly quiet, even the ticking of the pendulum clock was very clear.

Several eyes gathered on Ruan Sixian.

Although they were all in different emotions, they were scorching enough.

Zheng You’an doesn’t know what’s going on.

Following the others, she also looked towards Ruan Sixian.

Ruan Sixian sat motionless, and the person on the sofa behind her didn’t seem to move either.

Ruan Sixian seems to have been pushed to turn her body around by the atmosphere.

Fu Mingyu leaned lazily on the sofa.

His whole body was so relaxed, and he even raised his eyebrows.

It was unknown whether it was because of the alcohol or not, but his eyes became a little blurred.

It looked as if he was deliberately seducing people when he said: “Come here.

It’s time to pay off the debt.”


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