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The two have never seen each other since the last bar incident, let alone contacted privately.

Zheng You’an was very curious, but if it wasn’t because she doesn’t have Ruan Sixian’s contact information, she wouldn’t take the initiative to send a message to Fu Mingyu.

When Fu Mingyu saw this message, although he didn’t know what Zheng You’an meant, he didn’t plan to reply to it either.

When he looked at his mobile phone, he didn’t avoid Ruan Sixian and she saw the content clearly.

After exiting the dialog box, he went back to the main menu and a cool voice sounded from behind him.

“You didn’t reply to it”

“What should I reply with” Fu Mingyu handed his mobile phone to Ruan Sixian.

“What about, you reply to it instead”

His tone seemed as if he was asking her to help bring a glass of water.

It was so natural that it was a little confusing, and Ruan Sixian didn’t feel that something was wrong until she had taken over the mobile phone.

What does he mean with her replying to it instead

She threw the mobile phone back.

“Do it yourself.”

Fu Mingyu directly turned over his mobile phone onto the table and whispered: “I dare not.”

The conversation between the two fell into the ears of others, and all of them knew it clearly in their mind to keep silent.

A few minutes later, the door was pushed open again by the waiter.

Although Ruan Sixian had been mentally prepared for Yan’an’s appearance here, she did not expect that Zheng You’an would also come in with him.

When they saw the other party’s faces clearly, several of them were taken aback.

After a while, there was a trace of surprise, shock, and embarrassment between them, which was really indescribable.

Among the four of them, Fu Mingyu is probably the only one who is still calm.

Ruan Sixian’s expression was almost stiff.

What kind of Shura field[1] is this stuff

Yan’an hasn’t moved for a long time, and it seems that he still can’t believe the scene before him.

The one who was more incredible than him was Zheng You’an, who stared at Ruan Sixian without blinking.

Ji Yan was completely unaware of the strange atmosphere.

He just thought that Yan’an was a little curious when he saw Fu Mingyu bring an unfamiliar woman with him, so he got up and said: “Why are you so late”

Then he asked Zheng You’an next to him: “Did you two come together”

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Yan’an greeted Fu Mingyu’s eighteen generations of ancestors in his heart, but he forcefully maintained the calmness and gentleness on his face, “We just bumped into each other and she said she wants to come and have a look.”

Zheng You’an, Zhu Dong and Ji Yan also know each other so no one thinks too much about it.

Naturally, no one knew that she came to see if the woman just now was Ruan Sixian.

At this moment, she had seen her and was already sure about it, but Zheng You’an become even more confused.

“Then just join us.” Ji Yan asked them to sit down quickly and said again, “This is Miss Ruan.”

His eyes slipped around Fu Mingyu’s body, raised the corners of his lips and smiled meaningfully: “A friend that President Fu brought.”

Damn you.

Yan’an pulled back the chair fiercely and stared at the two people opposite him.

One of the people opposite him looked at his mobile phone and the other one was holding a water cup and drinking from it.

No one responded to his gaze.

Fu Mingyu was too lazy to pay attention to him, while Ruan Sixian didn’t know what expression to put on, so she could only drink the water.

Zheng You’an sat next to Yan’an and looked back and forth between Ruan Sixian and Fu Mingyu.

“A friend”

Fu Mingyu raised his head from his mobile phone to look at Zheng You’an, then glanced at Ruan Sixian again, and said, “Otherwise”

Ruan Sixian still only pursed her lips and said nothing.

Zheng You’an turned skeptical instead.

Ji Yandu even already introduced her as a friend, and not a girlfriend.

She thought Ruan Sixian should not be so blind either.

But why does she still feel that something is wrong

It was getting late, and Zhu Dong already urged them to quickly start the game.

In a seemingly harmonious mahjong game, Ruan Sixian tried her best to keep her expression normal, but she could clearly feel the gaze from Zheng You’an from time to time.

Don’t look anymore, girl.

Please, I almost can’t hold my expression anymore.

Although she didn’t have a deep relationship with Zheng You’an, Ruan Sixian was gazed so much by the other party that she herself even felt a guilty conscience of betraying someone.

[1] Shura field: scene of bloody slaughter.

TN: Sorry, something urgent came up and I have no spare time to translate at all because of it.

Now it has been resolved and I can continue to translate again.

Will try my best to catch up with the missing days’ post.

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