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At this moment, the car was parked on the side of a road in a residential area.

There were not many pedestrians.

It was so quiet that there was only the sound of car’s honking that could be heard from the surrounding area.

Ruan Sixian looked at Fu Mingyu’s silhouette who stood there alone with a cigarette in his mouth, through the car window.

The lighter’s flame lit up at once and he tilted his head to light the cigarette.

The white smoke then curled up in front of his face.

When she was still confused, Fu Mingyu glanced back at her and their eyes met before he quickly moved his gaze away casually as if nothing had happened.

Ruan Sixian was lying at the window, full of question marks.

What’s the matter with this man

What’s wrong with me answering a phone call Where does the inexplicable temper come from

At the same time, her mobile phone rings again.

Ruan Sixian subconsciously wanted to hang up again.

Fortunately, she took another look.

It was a call from the bank.

It was selling wealth management products.

Ruan Sixian had a chat and was not interested after a short while, so she used busyness as an excuse to hang up.

At the same time, Fu Mingyu turned around.

The cigarette between his index finger and middle finger was only half burned.

Ruan Sixian felt that he had something to say, so she rolled down the car window.

But the two just looked at each other for a long time and no one spoke.

When the cigarette slowly burned to the end, Fu Mingyu pinched it off and turned around to get into the car.

While wearing his seat belt, he asked: “Already done chatting so soon”

What’s there to chat about with the financial salesman

Ruan Sixian was fed up by his inexplicable coldness today.

She doesn’t want to bear it anymore.

Anyway, if he doesn’t want to talk to her, she won’t bother him either.

Thinking of this, Ruan Sixian wanted to get out of the car, but when her hand touched the seat belt, a thought suddenly flashed in her mind.

She raised her head and looked at him carefully, the thoughts in her mind gradually took shape, and a shallow smile slowly appeared in her eyes.

No wonder there’s something wrong with him today.

He was jealous, right

It’s so sour inside this car!

One person in the car was calm, while the other smiled as if nothing had happened.

The contrast was too obvious, and the one with the depressed mood was even more upset now.

Fu Mingyu slowly started the car, drove to the open avenue.

He raised his eyebrows slightly, focused on the traffic lights in front, and said casually: “Already so happy just with a chat on the phone”

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It’s because you are too funny, okay How old are you already The way you are being jealous is still like an elementary school student.

“Are you jealous Jealous of a salesman”

He didn’t speak, and the corners of Ruan Sixian’s mouth was almost raised to her ears.

Fearing that the person next to her would see her wanton smile, become angry and murdering someone, she bent down and covered her face with her hands.

But even so, her smile still leaked through from the gaps between her fingers.

What Ruan Sixian didn’t know was that from Fu Mingyu’s point of view, her attempts to cover things up had no effect at all.

——On the contrary, they are adding firewood to the fire.

As soon as Fu Mingyu’s soles pressed down hard, the car suddenly accelerated.

Due to inertia, Ruan Sixian bounced back and fell back on the seat.

The bangs pinned behind her ears were suddenly spread out in front of her.

Her whole face was in an embarrassed state.

Ruan Sixian stared at the hairs in front of her blankly and was shocked for a long time.

What kind of temper are you having now Is it you pursuing me or me pursuing you actually

Your status hasn’t been raised yet but you are already having this kind of temper.

Won’t you have to go to heaven after you are raised then

Is there anyone like you out there who pursues people like this

Until she returned to Mingchen Apartment, Ruan Sixian never said a word to Fu Mingyu again.

After she slammed the door and got out of the car, Fu Mingyu drove away directly.

Bo Yang is still waiting for him in the Hengshi Airlines building.

The final executive meeting on the flight quality monitoring reform will be held tomorrow and all the senior executives of the company will attend the meeting.

Up to this day, it’s already a foregone conclusion, but there are still people who disagree.

Seeing Fu Mingyu’s dark face, Bo Yang felt uneasy and nervously showed Fu Mingyu the process of tomorrow’s meeting.

Fu Mingyu took it, and at the same time his mobile phone rang, so he put the flow sheet aside and went to check the message.

Zhu Dong sent some news about the new routes of Lincheng airport during the autumn and winter seasons, and wanted to find time to chat with him.

Fu Mingyu replied with “OK”.

When he exited the dialog box, he saw a small red dot in the circle of friends’ moments.

He went in by curious coincidence.

Sure enough, Ruan Sixian’s small profile picture appeared in the upper right corner.


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