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When her eyes met the instructor’s eyes, the two immediately asked the cabin crew to open the door and get off the plane.

Next to the wing, several maintenance crews were scattered and bent around looking for something.

One of the maintenance crew spread out his palm and two coins were seen on it.

Ruan Sixian almost fainted on the spot.

In this already modern and scientific society, which coin believer sprinkles their coins here!

Just now, when the maintenance crew checked the situation, two coins were found under the plane.

Everyone immediately looked like they were facing a big enemy and began to search carefully.

This is not the first time they have encountered this kind of situation.

Everyone really got a severe headache whenever this happened.

After informing the flight crew to broadcast the inquiry, no one admitted it.

So the crew called out the monitoring department while looking for other coins.

The video shows that a middle-aged male passenger tossed a few coins towards the fuselage before entering the cabin while the security officer and flight attendant were not paying attention.

Because the surveillance video could not show clearly how many coins that were tossed, the flight crew called out the passenger.

The middle-aged man dressed like a decent man and wore big sunglasses.

He didn’t want to take them off even when he came out.

He admitted that he had tossed the coins and tossed a total of four.

The instructor snorted angrily on the side and didn’t want to say anything at all.

Ruan Sixian felt smoke coming out of her head and probably even white smoke was coming out of her nose.

She took a deep breath and tried to calm her tone.

“Why do you want to toss the coin”

The man in sunglasses didn’t feel guilty at all and he said boldly: “Pray for blessings.”

Ruan Sixian knew it was just a f*cking reason for a mental retarded person.

“What do you pray for Are you dissatisfied with the security check, or do you think this apron looks like a koi pond “

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Everyone could hear in Ruan Sixian’s tone that she had tried her best to suppress her anger, while the man in sunglasses didn’t realize it.

He grinded in place for a few seconds, turned his head and said to the security officer behind him: “It’s mainly… Just now when I was on the corridor bridge, I saw it was a female pilot.

I’m not at ease.

How unlucky a female pilot is.”


To hell with your ‘female pilot’.

Probably because her anger was already to the extreme level, Ruan Sixian was extremely calm.

She didn’t say even a word and waved to the security officer.

The security officer immediately called the police, and the man in sunglasses immediately shouted: “Why are you calling the police! What did I do wrong What are you doing”

A maintenance staff sneered at him: “Not only do you have to enter the Bureau, if the engine has to be removed for inspection, you even have to pay for the compensation.

It’s not that much, just tens of thousands of yuan.”

With that, the security officer took him out directly, and the yelling of the man in sunglasses gradually disappeared in the corridor bridge.

The remaining two coins were not found on the ground.

The maintenance crew had to use a camera probe to reach into the aircraft engine before they finally found it.

However, because the position is too far inside, only by removing some parts of the engine can it be taken out.

Even the maintenance crew couldn’t resist swearing: “F*ck, I have to work overtime all night again today.”

The flight will naturally be cancelled.

When passengers complained while they were getting off the plane, Fu Mingyu also came.

He looked around the plane and finally stood in front of the engine with a frown.

After the maintenance crew told him the specific situation, he took the camera probe and looked at it.

Ruan Sixian also leaned over to look.

The two were very close.

Ruan Sixian didn’t notice that in fact, as long as she moved just a little bit, her cheek would rub against Fu Mingyu’s chin.

“Do you think the nine-year compulsory education is not widespread enough” Ruan Sixian saw the images of the two coins and imagined the appearance of the engine being damaged after starting.

She felt heartache.

“How terrible it would be if the plane had already taken off.”

Fu Mingyu slowly moved the position of the probe and whispered: “You seem very distressed.”

Ruan Sixian: “Nonsense.

Can I not feel distressed”

Fu Mingyu chuckled: “Is it your family’s plane You even feel distressed like this.”


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