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“I see, I see.

Nowadays, don’t mention about turning the uncooked rice into cooked rice anymore.

Even if it’s cooked into popcorn, whatever should run away will still run away, right”

As soon as the voice fell, as Ruan Sixian expected, Jiang Ziyue’s expression really became so exciting.

What was she thinking about actually It’s already the year of 9012, so who won’t be able to continue living after the separation with a man

With the license in hand, you can fly planes to wherever she wants.

Does she really think that only Fu Mingyu’s family has a big plane

Besides, she and Fu Mingyu haven’t even had their Bazi[1] calculated yet.

Ruan Sixian slipped away in time in order to avoid the next rant.

Although Jiang Ziyue’s words did not leave any trace in Ruan Sixian’s heart, she still cursed Fu Mingyu silently.

Dog man, not to mention breaking off her peach blossom, he even provoked troubles for her.

When she was thinking about it, the dog man sent a message.

Fu Mingyu has been very busy these days.

He has flown to several cities within a few days.

Ruan Sixian has hardly seen him and has not taken the initiative to contact him either.

It’s always him who calls from time to time.

It’s fine if it was just a call, but there’s nothing serious he talked about either.

It’s all about trivial things, and he always hung up after talking for a few minutes each time.

But every time she answered these few minutes’ phone calls, Ruan Sixian always felt strangeness in her heart.

It’s precisely because they didn’t talk about anything serious that it seemed more abnormal.

It’s reasonable if she were to suspect that he is boiling the frog in warm water[2].

[Fu Mingyu]: Have you finished the exam

Ruan Sixian replied to him as she walked.

[Ruan Sixian]: I already finished the exam since a long time ago.

Without waiting for his reply, Ruan Sixian asked again.

[Ruan Sixian]: Are you the one who fired Jiang Ziyue

[Fu Mingyu]: Who is Jiang Ziyue

Ruan Sixian: “…”

[Ruan Sixian]: It’s that Purser! The one who quarreled with me that day.

Is your memory a goldfish’s memory

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“It’s me who fired her.”

The familiar voice sounded and Ruan Sixian’s footsteps suddenly stopped.

When she looked up, she saw Fu Mingyu who was standing in the sunset.

His whole body seemed to be plated with a faint golden light, which made his facial features particularly soft.

And the moment she saw his pair of eyes, Ruan Sixian’s heart jumped violently.

What are you jumping for, huh What are you jumping for

Didn’t the person itself already admit that he is the one who fired her He didn’t say that it was for you, so stop right now and don’t jump anymore!

Fu Mingyu: “Are you going home”


Fu Mingyu stretched out his hand to her, “Let’s go.

I will send you back.”

His every move was so natural that when Ruan Sixian reacted, her hand had been raised and was about to be placed in his palm.

She is right about this man boiling the frog in warm water!

In order not to let him see the flaw, Ruan Sixian conveniently slapped his hand away with disgust.

“The weather is good.

I want to walk.”

After speaking, she walked towards the gate.

Fu Mingyu silently followed and walked side by side with her, while the driver drove silently behind them.

Ruan Sixian’s steps were somewhat mechanical, and Fu Mingyu always kept up the pace with her.

“Fu Mingyu.”


Ruan Sixian felt that she had to ask about this matter clearly and could not be as self flattering as he was.

“Did you fire her because of me”

Fu Mingyu seemed to find her question very strange.

There are thousands of staff in the Crew Department, and if it weren’t for her, how would he have the time to take care of one unknown Purser

“Otherwise For whom else”

Ruan Sixian was stunned for a moment, feeling a little numb in her heart.

She actually understood that for Fu Mingyu, it only took him one look at this matter, and naturally someone would deal with it for him.

He doesn’t need to spend that much effort.

But she still felt a trace of unreasonable partiality.

Oh, that’s not right.

After that incident, she quietly inquired with several familiar flight attendants, and indeed there was really no one that dared to mention those rumors again.

Even in private.

Those flight attendants told her that when the leaders of each department held the regular meeting, they specially stressed that if these rumors came out again, all of them would have to go to the Human Resources Department to receive the dismissal money.

Hengshi Airlines is not short of that amount of money.


It’s not just a trace of partiality.

She raised her head to look at Fu Mingyu and said, “President Fu, your image of scrupulously separating the public from private matters seems to have collapsed a little bit already.”

“Young sister, you seem to have no self-knowledge.” Fu Mingyu turned his head to look at her.

“You keep behaving atrociously towards me time and again and you still think that I have a clear distinction between public and private matters”

With a ‘slap’ sound, Little Ruan Frog seemed to have fallen into the warm water amidst the invisible face slapping sound and couldn’t get up anymore.


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