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As soon as the tail of October was swept away, the weather quickly turned cooler.

After entering November, the leaves on the roadside turned yellow at a visible speed.

The air began to dry, and some pedestrians on the road can even be seen to have put on their down jackets.

What’s changing is also Ruan Sixian’s working environment.

Recently, she has been busy with the F1 (First-stage Co-pilot) test.

She usually makes use of every free time she has to read books.

Sometimes when she sits in the cockpit and waits for the flow control, she even has to take out her mobile phone to have a look at it.

On the day after the exam, she came out of the examination room and looked at the time.

It was still early, so she went to the staff canteen for a meal.

After choosing her meal, she went to find an empty seat with the meal plate in her hands.

Just after eating two bites, she felt someone approaching her.

Ruan Sixian looked up and saw that he was a Co-pilot she knew, so she dragged her meal plate to make a little bit of room for the other party.

Who knows, the Co-pilot saw that it was Ruan Sixian who was sitting and immediately said while grinning: “Good afternoon, Little Ruan.

Huh These ribs that you have, why didn’t I see it just now I will go back there and have some too.”

Maybe he went to the canteen in Siberia to get the ribs.

In short, he never came back again afterwards.

Later, Ruan Sixian regained her senses.

During this period of time, her situation in the company is——No male birds can be seen in thousands of mountains, and no paths with male pedestrians can be seen in thousands of ways.

Whether single or not, all male colleagues maintain a delicate relationship with her, and they can’t wait to write ‘We are just a pure colleague relationship’ on their face.

Even if she shared a link in her circle of friends, no male colleagues liked her post at all!

All right, Ruan Sixian understood it now.

Fu Mingyu only needed one sentence to label her with ‘Owned by the Fu clan’, which directly cut off the appearance of a love rival from the root.

As long as she stays at Hengshi Airlines for one day, no other man in this company dares to snatch the woman from the boss.

Really… What a perfectly open and straightforward way of pursuing someone.

But this ‘Fu clan’s label’ is not without benefits.

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For example, she had been flying long distances during this period.

Afterwards, when she looked at the task schedule again, it was the same type for the next week.

As long as they are pilots who are flying the domestic routes, they will always have the hope to fly the long distances’ routes.

In addition to a higher hourly salary, they also have longer rest periods.

Even the usual flow control seems to have undergone subtle changes.

Ruan Sixian finds that her queuing time is getting shorter and shorter, and she was often given priority to be transferred to the runway first.

Looking at it this way, it seems that the label clearly reads as ‘Fu Mingyu requesting all departments to provide convenience and necessary assistance to the licensee’.

Ruan Sixian felt that she was now a walking ‘passport’ of the Fu clan.

She even wanted to question Fu Mingyu about whether it was appropriate to do so! This is abusing one’s power!

But on second thoughts, this can’t be what Fu Mingyu ordered to be done either.

The only blame is that the Internet is too developed.

A word can be spread all over the world with only one satellite communication, not to mention that this is still just a company.

Whether it’s these people’s avoidance of suspicion or them steering in the face of the wind, they are like pairs of invisible hands that locked Ruan Sixian with Fu Mingyu.

This kind of atmosphere reminded Ruan Sixian about her time in high school when a boy also confessed to her publicly, which raised a lot of criticism and was known to the whole school.

And the boy is still a cool school bully.

He is usually domineering in the school.

Even the teacher can’t control him.

So after he confessed, all the boys who were always showing excessive attention to Ruan Sixian stayed far, far away.

The school is only so big and the two will always meet by chance.

In addition, one of the party still deliberately does it.

Ruan Sixian even feels that these people always appear wherever she goes.

But the people around them are always kicking up a fuss, which makes the two of them seem to have some special relationship.

At that time, Ruan Sixian felt very irritable about this matter every day.

Every time she saw other people’s teasing eyes or heard their teasing tone, she wanted to rush up and beat someone up.

But now

Ruan Sixian took a spoon and stirred the soup in the bowl.

She doesn’t seem to feel particularly irritable… And she doesn’t have the impulse to beat someone either.

What’s the difference between Fu Mingyu and the Hengshi Airlines compared with that school bully and senior high school


They are all domineering local snakes.

Ruan Sixian thought it was probably because Fu Mingyu is her boss…

While she was still thinking about it, a plate was suddenly placed in front of her.


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