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The glass shred bounced on Jiang Ziyue’s instep.

She suddenly looked up and stared at Yue Chen incredulously.

Her expression was almost on the verge of cracking.

“Do you feel comfortable now” Yue Chen’s face was flushed red and the color extended to his neck, with green veins floating on his forehead.

“I let you shut up but you don’t want to hear it.

Do you think that if you have a mouth, you can say anything you want!”

Jiang Ziyue’s eyes were so widened that it almost turned into a red blood color as she screamed: “Are you still a man! The worst thing that will happen is just me resigning.

Why do we have to be afraid of her! “

“F*ck you!” Yue Chen was so angry that he raised his hand.

When the hand had been raised to the height of his head, the people around him rushed to stop him.

At this moment, he himself also recovered his sanity, dropped his hand heavily and overturned the stool next to him, “If you want to quit, quit by yourself.

Don’t f*cking drag me down!”

Yue Chen’s group of pilots are different from Ruan Sixian.

Ruan Sixian was not trained by an airline and has a relatively loose contract, but Yue Chen’s group of pilots had signed the contract for the oriented training with an airline at the moment when they were selected in high school.

The high cost of study is paid by the airline, so the contract is very tight and there is almost no possibility of job hopping.

Even if he had to quit forcibly, the breach of contract payment would cost him bankruptcy.

Now that Jiang Ziyue has offended his immediate boss, it is difficult to guarantee that Yue Chen will not be implicated.

He can’t change the company where he works.

He can only wait to be slaughtered by others now.

At a lower level, in the future, all flights he gets will be a short-distance one, and there will be several flights in this field every day.

In the total of the flight time, the proportion of the most tiring take-off and landing time has soared sharply.

Or the other party may just tell the air traffic control department to let all his flights’ take off be moved back during the flow control.

Then he will be stuck in the cockpit.

If there’s no take off, there will be no hourly pay.

Going bigger, the other party might just find some pretext to relegate him into a Co-pilot.

If the other party wants to do it more severely, there’s a possibility that he will be made into a lifelong Co-pilot too.

The more Yue Chen thought about it, the more frightened he was.

Just now, seeing how Fu Mingyu spoke so softly in front of Ruan Sixian, it seems that it’s not impossible for him to do these things.

He knows to what extent a man can do for his beloved woman.

Especially when this man is in a high position and has power in his hands.

There are too many things he can do.

Yue Chen could think of this, and naturally other pilots could think of it too.

They all began to worry about their future.

At this time, Ni Tong came out again to break the deadlock.

She first followed them, became afraid of it.

But later after she calmed down, she said: “I think it should be fine…”

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Everyone’s gazes were put on her.

The spotlight was too bright.

She took a step back and said tremblingly: “I once was… that too… Anyway, something happened between the two of us that was not too pleasant.

But she never treats me, treats me harshly or anything…”

Is the focus now on Ruan Sixian

The point is President Fu!

Everyone was too lazy to pay attention to Ni Tong and began to worry about their future again.

The situation on the other side is not optimistic either.

When Fu Mingyu went out, Ruan Sixian carried her bag and walked so fast as if there’s wind at her feet.

“Ruan Sixian.”

Fu Mingyu yelled from behind, and when seeing that the person in front of him did not give any reaction, he stepped over and grabbed her wrist in just two or three steps.


Fu Mingyu’s voice paused before he could finish his words.

He lowered his head down to look at Ruan Sixian’s face.

Ruan Sixian hung her head, and when she noticed his movement, she shook his hand abruptly and continued to walk forward.

Dog man.

Smelly dog man.

After silently saying a few words in her mind, Ruan Sixian’s wrist was caught again.

She turned around and struggled for a while, “Let go of me.”

She can’t pull away her hand, so she could only look up and stare at him.

“I will solve this matter.” Fu Mingyu said, “There will never be such rumors again in the future.

Just calm down first”

She still stared at Fu Mingyu without speaking.

What she was thinking of was not that thing at all.

Fu Mingyu: “Get in the car first.

I will take you home.

It will rain soon.”

After he said so, he looked back.

The driver had been driving the car slowly, following the two of them.

At this time, he was stopping at the roadside where they were standing.

While he was not paying attention, Ruan Sixian took out her hand and slapped him on the back.


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