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“I’m not very good at talking, but honest advice may be unpleasant to hear.

Little Ruan, we have been colleagues for so many years, so I still want to remind you that the higher the status of a man, the harder it is to grasp.

Don’t be too negligent or else you wouldn’t be able to get anything back.

Did you hear about the girl we knew before She is already pregnant and was about to marry the young master of the iron and steel industry, but what’s the result In the end, they didn’t get married.

Now who dares to pick her up with her child”

The atmosphere dropped to the freezing point, and even Lin Hongji didn’t know how to round it off anymore.

Ruan Sixian was still thinking about what they were talking about, but now that Jiang Ziyue has said everything out, she would be a little silly if she still didn’t understand it.

It was exactly at this time that her mobile phone shook, and it was another message from Fu Mingyu.

[Fu Mingyu]: I am here.

How long do you still need

She typed quickly and replied: Don’t come, lest people think I seduce you again 

After the message was sent out, she threw her mobile phone away and looked up at Jiang Ziyue.

“Sister Jiang, just speak up if you have something to say.”

Jiang Ziyue turned away her face and muttered sarcastically: “You still don’t understand what I said”

“What do I understand Are you saying that I seduced President Fu “

Jiang Ziyue was about to speak when Yue Chen slapped the table abruptly.

“It’s enough.

If you have nothing to do, just go home.This is someone’s birthday party.

What nonsense are you talking about here”

“What are you yelling at me for Yue Chen, what do you mean by this ” Jiang Ziyue doesn’t care about whatever face anymore now.

One time protection is already enough, but he still had to do it twice.

“Don’t forget that you are going to get married.

Who are you protecting here now”


No, why are you both arguing now

Hey, I haven’t clarified the topic here yet.

“If you both want to quarrel, go quarrel at home.

Let’s clarify things clearly first.” Ruan Sixian said, “Sister Jiang, several years ago you already started a rumour that I seduced President Fu.

Now that you are about to get married, why are you still not stopping Tell me, why are you so interested in my private life, huh”

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Yue Chen heard this and looked at Jiang Ziyue in surprise: “It was you who started it”

“What do you mean with this look in your eyes”

No matter what Ruan Sixian said, what makes Jiang Ziyue angry is always Yue Chen’s every move.

“What if it was me who said it Isn’t everyone seeing the facts now”

“What facts”

The door of the room was suddenly pushed open.

The table next to the door was the first one to turn quiet in an instant, and then the whole room was silent.

Everybody looked over there.

No one knows why Fu Mingyu suddenly appeared here.

He was standing at the door and his face was calm.

His gaze faintly swept through the people present there and no emotions could be seen in his eyes.

But often, the emotions that couldn’t be seen ended up to be the most terrifying ones.

Everyone’s heart jumped violently.

Ni Tong couldn’t even hold the melon in her hand steadily anymore and one of them fell to the ground inadvertently.

Fu Mingyu’s eyes finally fell on Ruan Sixian.

Rather than saying that it was anger, it was more of an irritability.

The situation that was only stabilized after one slap may be disturbed by this group of people again.

When Ruan Sixian knew that Fu Mingyu was here, she was not so shocked.

It was just that she was in a bad mood and didn’t even look at him.

‘Even the sound of a needle dropping to the floor could be discerned’ can be used to describe the atmosphere in the room, and Fu Mingyu’s footsteps are also infinitely amplified.

Step by step, making people so frightened, for fear that he would come to their front side.

However, Fu Mingyu just walked to Ruan Sixian and stretched out his hand to her.

“Have you finished your meal I will take you back.

Ruan Sixian suppressed her anger and slapped his hand away.

Fu Mingyu withdrew his hand, leaned over slightly and asked: “They said you seduced me”

Ruan Sixian sneered and ignored him.

“Did you not tell them that it was me who is chasing you”


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