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Ruan Sixian leaned against the kitchen door, and because Fu Mingyu’s back was facing her, she looked at him unscrupulously.

When he turned around to get the bowls and chopsticks, she looked away again.

“How do you know it’s my birthday today”

“I’ve seen your resume.” Fu Mingyu said with a light tone, “And my memory is still okay.”

She doesn’t know what he wanted to show off about by saying that his memory is still okay.

Ruan Sixian snorted, “Oh, so it was like this.

Then, are you always so considerate towards your employees like this”

In fact, Ruan Sixian received a blessing message from the Human Resources Department of Hengshi Airlines at noon today, and the other party also told her to go to the personnel department to get her birthday gift when she has the time.

This is the tradition of Hengshi Airlines and every employee will have this same treatment on their birthday.

“Are you deliberately asking this even though you already know the answer” Fu Mingyu didn’t look up and turned on the faucet to wash the vegetables.

The faint sound of running water and his reply sounded at the same time, “If I make longevity noodles for every employee, am I the president or the chef”

Oh, then she is treated specially.

Ruan Sixian lifted her chin, and the corners of her mouth curled up, “Then I want to have an extra egg.”

Without lifting his head, Fu Mingyu gave an “Um”, picked up the two eggs that had been prepared on his hand, and knocked them.

The shiny egg whites and yolks slid into the pan and began to make a sizzling sound.

At the cooking table, a small pot of water was being boiled, the eggs were being fried in the  pan, and some vegetables were piled up in the sink.

He does these things very well, looking unhurried and unperturbed, also smoothly and cleanly at the same time.

Unexpectedly, he was not bragging when he said that he can cook.

It wasn’t until Fu Mingyu turned and looked at her that she found that she had been standing at the door for a long time already.

But their eyes have already met each other’s, and it seemed a bit inappropriate for her not to say anything at all.

She went over probingly, “Do you need my help”

“No need.

Go and sit in the living room and don’t stand there looking at me.”

Ruan Sixian’s footsteps stopped, then rolled her eyes and turned to leave.

Oh, who likes to see you.

But the living room is really boring.

Fu Mingyu is also quite boring.

In such a large living room, apart from the necessary furniture, there is nothing, not even green plants.

The only living thing may be Ruan Sixian herself.

The floor-to-ceiling windows are not bad.

If it weren’t for the heavy rain, it would be very comfortable to stand here and watch the sunset.

There is also a reclining chair and a glass table next to it.

If there is some fruit at night, it would be nice to gaze at the stars in summer.

She looked around again.

The doors of several rooms were closed and there was nothing to see anymore.

Ruan Sixian wandered boringly in the living room before unconsciously turned to the kitchen again.

She poked her head in.

“Are you done yet Why are you so slow “

“It’s already done.

Just go to the dining room and sit down.”

When Fu Mingyu came out with a bowl, Ruan Sixian was wiping her lipstick with a tissue.

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“What are you wiping”

Ruan Sixian glanced at him and didn’t want to explain to this kind of straight man.

“Do you want to use the lipstick as a side dish to go with the rice then”

Fu Mingyu: “It looks quite nice.”

Ruan Sixian: “…”

What happened to Fu Mingyu today

Is he in heat

Why does he praise her so simply and rudely, again and again

She continued to rub lipstick indiscriminately.

“Even if it looks nice, I don’t want to show it to you either.”

Fu Mingyu smiled and handed her the chopsticks, “Hurry up and eat.”

In front of her, the noodles were fragrant, the golden eggs and a few vegetables were steaming.

Ruan Sixian’s stomach started clamoring but her mouth couldn’t help saying: “It’s too much.

I may not be able to finish it.”

Fu Mingyu: “Your year end bonus will be deducted if you can’t finish eating it.”

Anyway, his eyes were telling Ruan Sixian plainly: Don’t pretend anymore.

Ruan Sixian pursed her mouth, raised her eyebrows and nodded.

A second before, he still says that she looks good.

In the next second, he treats her as a pig.

“Okay, the boss has the final say.”

Ten minutes later, a bowl of noodles finally went down her belly.

Facing the empty bowl and Fu Mingyu’s eyes, Ruan Sixian didn’t know what to say.

Maybe it was because she was too hungry or maybe this bowl of noodles really tasted so good, but in the end she succeeded in slapping herself in the face and even the sound resounded loudly through the sky.

Fortunately, just when she was embarrassed, her mobile phone rang.

But when Ruan Sixian answered the phone, her face changed visibly.


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