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He recalled that it seemed like this was the first time he saw her put on makeup in the past six months.

“Dressed so beautifully.

Who are you going to meet with”

Ruan Si Xian: “……”

She only focused on the word ‘beautiful’ rather than the point of the whole sentence.

And she realized that today, those thousands of rainbow farts that she had accepted, she forwarded it all to Si Xiaozhen and the others for them to see.

But when Fu Mingyu said ‘beautiful’, she actually blushed.

She muttered two words out: “A friend.”

“Man or woman”

Ruan Sixian’s voice was even lower: “What’s it got to do with you.”

“Just casually asking.” He said slowly, “Man or woman”

Is there anyone who asks casually but keeps insisting on asking it twice

Ruan Sixian didn’t want to answer, but the shadow above her head had a sense of oppression, and it was so heavy that she could not even lift her head up.


“Oh.” Fu Mingyu seemed to know that Ruan Sixian said this deliberately, and asked again, “Then, will you still go home tonight”


“Then I will send you there.”

His tone was too direct, it was not a discussion at all.

“No need.”

“Are you sure”

At this time, the elevator stopped on the first floor and when the door opened slowly, the sound of the rain came in from the outside.

Ruan Sixian: “……”

Before leaving the house, she closed the window and concentrated on putting on her makeup.

So she was completely unaware that it was already raining outside.

The dog owner took the dog out, and was stunned after just walking two steps.

Ruan Sixian made some cautious thinking and immediately pressed the button to close the elevator door.

When the dog owner reacted, the door was already closed.

But Fu Mingyu still stood still.

Ruan Sixian stretched out her hand to push his chest, and at the same time pressed the button for the basement floor before she hurriedly said: “Go, go, go.”

When they arrived at the parking lot, Ruan Sixian sat in the co-pilot seat and pulled out the buckle of the seat belt, she suddenly thought of something and laughed lightly.

Fu Mingyu: “What are you laughing at”

“Nothing.” Ruan Sixian said, “I just think that your co-pilot seat is quite comfortable to sit on.”

“Yeah.” Fu Mingyu nodded, “Not everyone can sit on it.”

Ruan Sixian turned her face away and said nothing.

If she continues this topic, there is only one direction for it.

Sometimes a man’s co-pilot does have a special meaning.

At this moment, Si Xiaozhen suddenly called.

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Because of today’s heavy rain and the sudden change of weather, many aircraft routes need to be changed.

So Si Xiaozhen as a dispatcher cannot go away and has to work overtime.


She is not dumping her intentionally.

This is work’s life, so Ruan Sixian understands it very much but also feels disappointed.

Fu Mingyu put his hand on the steering wheel and looked at Ruan Sixian.

“Your friend is not coming”

It sounds a little bit gloating.

Ruan Sixian turned her head away and said nothing.

Fu Mingyu began to unfasten the seat belt.

“Then let’s go back.”

Ruan Sixian did not speak, but did not object either.

It was raining heavily outside.

If she was eating in the restaurant alone, and it was still her birthday today, the loneliness index would be too high.

Re-entering the elevator, Ruan Sixian’s mood was already at the bottom, and the joy of going out had long gone.

She hung her head to press the 14th floor but suddenly, Fu Mingyu pulled away her hand.

“Come upstairs with me for dinner.”

He didn’t wait for Ruan Sixian’s reply and just directly pressed the 16th floor.


Feeling down, Ruan Sixian didn’t want to struggle and didn’t want to talk either.

She didn’t want to eat alone on her birthday.

Fu Mingyu can barely count as a person sometimes, so she just makes do with it.

On the 16th floor, Fu Mingyu pressed his fingerprint and unbuttoned his coat.

When the door opened, he suddenly thought of something, turned his head and smiled: “You dressed so beautifully today and in the end isn’t it only me who was able to see it”

Ruan Sixian said with a smile that doesn’t feel like a smile at all: “That’s right.

What a benefit you’ve got.”

After entering the door, he took off his coat directly and put it on the sofa.

Then he walked towards the kitchen in his shirt.

Ruan Sixian probed in, “Don’t you order takeaway”


“You can cook”

“A little bit.”

Fu Mingyu opened the refrigerator, looked at the fresh food the nanny filled him with, and asked: “What do you want to eat”

“The Manchu–Han Imperial Feast[1].”

Ruan Sixian raised her eyebrows and smiled, “Can I”

Fu Mingyu ignored her, reached out in the refrigerator and flipped the things there, then looked back at her: “Longevity noodles[2], do you want to eat it or not”

[1]The Manchu–Han Imperial Feast: a grand banquet held sometime in the Qing dynasty of China.

One of the grandest meals ever documented in Chinese culinary history, the banquet reportedly consisted of 108 dishes served in six meals over the course of three days.

[2] Longevity noodles: They literally mean “long-life noodles” and it is believed that the longer the noodles, the bigger the wish for long life.

These noodles also have to be eaten in a special way.

It is said the whole noodle should be eaten—bit by bit—without breaking it into pieces.

TN : So, which one do you prefer, the Manchu-Han Imperial Feast or longevity noodles


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