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Chapter 38.3


On the way, big raindrops fell.

Before entering the underground parking garage, he saw a black Porsche parked outside the gate, with a middle-aged driver sitting in the driver’s seat and a woman standing next to the car, holding an umbrella in one hand and a cake in the other.

Fu Mingyu didn’t meet Dong Xian many times, and the rain made him somewhat lose his sight.

He just felt that she was familiar.

He didn’t remember who this person was until he got into the elevator.

Although he didn’t know much about Ruan Sixian and Dong Xian, Fu Mingyu could probably guess that if Ruan Sixian wanted to see her, why would Dong Xian call him specifically to ask for her flight information.

It was just that she didn’t get any information from him, so she spent a little more effort and went to check her address.

Fu Mingyu’s finger was about to touch the button for the 16th floor.

Thinking about this, he moved his finger down a little bit and pressed the button for the 14th floor.

The elevator then slowly stopped.

Before the door was fully opened, Fu Mingyu already heard the person standing outside the elevator singing so extremely out of tune.

As the gap in the door slowly grew wider, Ruan Sixian, who was wearing a red dress, slowly fell silent.

She coughed, concealed her embarrassment of singing out of tune and then showed a dignified smile.

“Getting off work already, President Fu”

“Yeah.” Fu Mingyu looked at her, “Are you in a good mood today”

“It can be said so.”

Ruan Sixian went in and pressed the first floor button and the door closed slowly.

When the elevator started to descend, she suddenly asked: “Are you going upstairs or downstairs”



Ruan Sixian was actually not in a good mood today.

Two days ago, Bian Xuan’s grandmother was ill.

She closed the bar and went back to her hometown.

Now she hasn’t come back yet.

Only Si Xiaozhen will accompany her on her birthday today.

Midway, she received a phone call from Dong Xian again.

Her concern could not be said to have ruined her mood, but it also could not be said to have made her feel joyful either, wandering in the middle ground, neither going up nor down.

But in the afternoon, she received countless rainbow farts from netizens, and it almost drowned her, making her feel like she was really a goddess descending to the world.

Naturally, goddesses can’t worry about worldly things.

Even though it so happened that she sang in front of Fu Mingyu at this time, her happiness can’t be suppressed.

Her brain started the concert on its own, and her fingers that were hidden behind her were following the beat.

But heaven will always give the fairy who descended to the world a little punishment.

When the elevator stopped on the eighth floor, Ruan Sixian had a bad premonition that Erlang God[1] had sent his snarling dog to catch her back to heaven.

The sound comes first before the dog arrives.

The concert in Ruan Sixian’s brain was powered off instantly.

So, however it was, it’s better to be rich.

Because Ruan Sixian is not living in a single family villa, she would never be able to ask the residents in the same building to not keep dogs.

She retreated to the corner silently, leaning on the railing, and staring at the dog in horror.

Ruan Sixian’s nerves were tense and her palms were cold.

The corner of her eyes saw the shadows of the two of them that were reflected on the elevator door getting closer and closer, until they overlapped.

The cool smell of fir on his body is getting closer and closer——Ruan Sixian’s vision is slowly blocked by his body, and what’s in front of her eyes now is his shirt and his collar.

Ruan Sixian looked up at him and blinked.

She didn’t seem to understand his act.

She was standing in the corner, and Fu Mingyu’s body almost shrank her in this right angle.

It’s just that, unlike in the past, he is facing Ruan Sixian instead of turning his back on her.

The narrow space suddenly shrinks so much that even the air could hardly circulate.

He still lowered his head, looking straight at her.

His eyes are particularly calm, as if he is maintaining his habit of not looking to the left nor to the right.

But his eyes were firmly fixed on her face!

Ruan Sixian felt suffocated.

She can’t keep looking at Fu Mingyu like this.

She turned her face away, but her heartbeat speeded up uncontrollably.

I mean, if you want to block the dog, then just block the dog.

What do you mean by standing facing me

The dog is of course blocked, but your posture is too strange.

If she knew earlier that it would be like this, it would be better to face the dog directly than to face the dog man directly.

Except for the sound of the dog moving around, Ruan Sixian could only hear her own breathing and heartbeat.

When she lowered her eyes, Fu Mingyu could clearly see the brown eyeshadow and the raised eyeliner on her eyes, as well as the extra-curled long eyelashes.

[1] Erlang Shen (二郎神) or Erlang God is a Chinese god with a third truth-seeing eye in the middle of his forehead.


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