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Which woman can be unhappy after so many strangers blow her with rainbow fart

Ruan Sixian took a screenshot and was about to send it to Bian Xuan and Si Xiaozhen, but the screen was suddenly interrupted by an incoming call.

She didn’t save the number, but she knew who it was.

After answering the phone, Ruan Sixian didn’t speak, and there was silence on the other side for a moment.

“Ruan Ruan, the female pilot on the official blog of the Hengshi Airlines that was posted today, is that you”

Ruan Sixian was still sitting on the bed with her legs crossed and her head tilted when she replied with an ‘Um’ sound.

Dong Xian’s voice suddenly softened.

“Why didn’t you tell me I always thought you were still a flight attendant.”

“You didn’t ask me either.”

On the phone, she heard Dong Xian sniffing, “Ruan Ruan, you have realized your dream.

Mom is very happy.”

After Ruan Sixian heard it, she felt nothing in her heart and had nothing to say either.

They are like this every time they talk on the phone, always turning silent for no reason.

Dong Xian didn’t understand why Ruan Sixian had slowly become particularly cold towards her like this, and sometimes even a little bit hostile.

“Ruan Ruan, it’s your birthday today.

Let me cook for you.”

“No need.” Ruan Sixian said, “I made an appointment with a friend.”

She had refused countless times to meet with her.

Dong Xian is already used to it.

But today was different.

The photos on the Internet made her unable to recover for a long time, and she couldn’t believe that her silent daughter had changed so much.

She especially wanted to see her, “Then, can I give you a cake”

“My friends will order cakes for me.

Alas, let’s not talk about it anymore, I have to go back to work again.”

Dong Xian inhaled and took a long sigh, “Okay, I won’t disturb you again.”

After hanging up the phone, Ruan Sixian lay down again and continued to sleep.

On the other hand, after Ruan Sixian became the KPI Koi[1] in Hengshi Airlines’ publicity department, the official blog quickly took advantage of the popularity and sent out a second wave of publicity documents, deliberately inserting it with a few more photos of Ruan Sixian.

Fu Mingyu looked at the comments on Weibo.

His face was calm, but he chuckled coldly, “It’s really loved by everyone.”

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Bo Yang, who was by the side, continued: “Loved by those who are not blind.”

Fu Mingyu glanced at him, and the other party immediately put on the appearance of the eyes looking at the nose and the nose pointed towards the heart, pretending to have said nothing.

He went to Ruan Sixian’s Weibo again, looked at the number of fans, and ordered: “Tell the publicity department that enough is enough, don’t over consume her.”


When Boyang finished speaking, he was about to go and do it but Fu Mingyu stopped him again, “Have everything been moved inside”

“We’ve arranged for people to move them in.

It should be done this afternoon.”

Fu Mingyu nodded, then Bo Yang turned and went out.

At the same time, Fu Mingyu’s mobile phone receives a call.

He frowned and was a little surprised.

He didn’t know why Dong Xian suddenly called him.

“What’s the matter, Auntie”

“I’m sorry to disturb you.

I just want to ask you for a little help.”

“Well, just say it.”

“Can you tell me the flight information of the female pilot that was posted on Hengshi Airlines’ Weibo today I have something to tell her.”

“Sorry, Auntie.

I can’t disclose this.”

While speaking, Fu Mingyu had already tuned out today’s flight information.

Ruan Sixian’s flying time has reached the upper limit this month and she is off-duty today.

Dong Xian hesitated for a moment and then asked again:”Then you don’t need to tell me the details.

Just tell me about when she will get off the plane.”

Fu Mingyu laughed: “Auntie, with so many pilots under my hand, how can I know when they get off the plane”

After saying so, he asked again, “Do you know her”

Dong Xian let out an ‘Um’ sound.

Fu Mingyu said: “If you know her, you can call her directly.

Don’t you have any contact information”

“Yeah.” Dong Xian pretended to agree, “I’m sorry I have troubled you.

I won’t interrupt your work anymore then.”


There was a ‘beep’ sound on the phone.

Fu Mingyu then held the phone in front of his eyes and the screen automatically returned to the little poor picture.

In the evening, before the sun sets, the dark clouds sweep over the western hills and there was a faint tendency of heavy rain.

Fu Mingyu didn’t let the driver drive the car.

Instead, he drove by himself and went back to Mingchen Apartment.

[1] KPI : Key Performance Indicator; Koi : Koi is an internet buzzword and a cultural phenomenon.

Koi is a high-end ornamental fish, rich in ornamental value, and is loved by people.

It refers to all things related to good luck such as: people with good luck, or things that can bring good luck.


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