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Yue Chen had an ominous premonition in his heart and once he looked over there, he saw Jiang Ziyue standing at the door with a black face.

Yue Chen cursed unlucky silently in his heart, said goodbye to Ruan Sixian and left with his plate.

At the door, Jiang Ziyue, who was wearing a uniform, was waiting for Yue Chen to come towards her.

She has been standing here for nearly 15 minutes, but Yue Chen hadn’t noticed her at all.

His eyes were completely glued on Ruan Sixian.

She didn’t know what the two were talking about as they laughed so happily.

Why didn’t she see Yue Chen laugh so much when she was eating with him He only knew to lower his head and play games.

“Have you finished your meal” Jiang Ziyue looked at Yue Chen in front of her coldly.

“Why not eat more”

“What are you talking about all day long” Yue Chen usually feels the most annoyed by this tone of Jiang Ziyue, because he used to have many girlfriends.

Now, when he talks to a woman, she has to ask for at least half a day about it.

“Aren’t you going to fly in a moment Hurry up and have your meal.”

“What do I eat for If she is full, it will do.

I don’t have to eat.”

Yue Chen looked at her impatiently, “What are you inexplicably getting angry for I can’t even say a few words to a female colleague now “

“That also depends on what kind of female colleague.

Can she be the same as others”

“Okay, whatever you think.”

“Whatever I think How do you want me to think about it You anxiously hide in the corner for a meal, are you afraid someone will see it”

“If I goddamn afraid of anyone seeing me, would I still eat together with her in the canteen Would we not know how to eat outside You’re sick all day long, aren’t you”

Yue Chen’s tone was heavy, but his steps were heavier.

He just lifted his legs and walked away.

Jiang Ziyue caught up with him and pulled his sleeve, “What do you mean You already can’t bear it since long ago and your heart is already itchy, right You still like her, right I know that for men, the best one is the one that you just can never get.

Yue Chen, don’t forget that you are going to get married.”

“You are crazy.” Yue Chen didn’t even bother to say anything, and left after pulling his leg.

Jiang Ziyue still have a flight later, so she could not catch up with him and quarreled out a result.

She turned her head and looked at Ruan Sixian who was still slowly putting down the meal plate.

Actually, since the day that Ruan Sixian came back, she has never slept well.

First, she was afraid that Ruan Sixian would find out about her spreading the news back then and then find an opportunity to retaliate against her.

The second is because of Yue Chen.

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The matter of Yue Chen didn’t succeeded in chasing Ruan Sixian that year has always been a thorn in her heart.

She knew Yue Chen too well.

He had a lot of schemes.

As long as he is not under her watch, she cannot control her sultry mouth.

Moreover, he always regularly meets the person he couldn’t get.

So recently she always inspected him whenever she was free, and often quarreled with Yue Chen because of this, but in the end she still didn’t stop this act of hers.

But how could she prevent this

Just now, when she first saw Yue Chen and Ruan Sixian talking and laughing, all her sense of crisis accumulated in the past few months broke out at this moment.

It just so happened that when Ruan Sixian finished putting down the plate, she went out and greeted her with a smile.

“Are you looking for Captain Yue He just left.”

Jiang Ziyue said with a cold face: “I know.”

Seeing her strange expression, Ruan Sixian was too lazy to say anything and went straight away.

But after taking only a few steps, the person behind her stopped her.

“What” Ruan Sixian turned her head around, “Is there anything else”

Jiang Ziyue took a deep breath and tried to make her face and tone calm enough.

“Little Ruan, we both know that Yue Chen chased you before.”

Ruan Sixian also did not continue to leave but slowly turned around, waiting for her next sentence.

“But we are getting married, so——” She looked up at Ruan Sixian.

“I hope you can keep a distance from him.”

Ruan Sixian tried her best to endure, but still couldn’t hold back a laugh.

“Sister, you can be rest assured.

I used to look down on your precious baby, and now I looked down on him even more.

You can just wrap it up well.”

With such a humiliating language and that smiling face, Jiang Ziyue laughed in anger and nodded coldly: “Yeah, how can such an ordinary captain be worthy of you Your vision is so high.

What kind of Co-pilot seat are you still sitting in Just take the co-pilot seat in President Fu’s car directly then.”

The corners of Ruan Sixian’s mouth twitched.


I had really sat down there.


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