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Yan’an has long been accustomed to Fu Mingyu’s attitude, and continued to play with his mobile phone without saying anything.

But a few seconds later, he recalled that there was something wrong with the tone of that sentence just now.

He seemed to feel something, put down his mobile phone and knocked on the table.

“Fu Mingyu.” He raised his eyebrows and said word by word, “I’ve wanted to say this since a long time ago.

Do you like Ruan Sixian”


The expected affirmative answer did not have even the slightest hesitation in it.

Yan’an laughed angrily and opened his mouth for a long time, but he didn’t know what to say.

“Fu Mingyu, you are really, really…” Yan’an really didn’t know what to say.

He calmed down for a while, recalled what had happened before, and suddenly laughed again.

What’s Ruan Sixian’s attitude towards Fu Mingyu back then

At least she was gentle and polite towards himself.

But towards Fu Mingyu, it was simply…

“Fu Mingyu, don’t you know Ruan Sixian’s attitude towards you What are you joining in the bustle for “

What attitude

It was just like that one slap.

After the slap, the mark on the face disappeared, and the grievance between the two has been completely wiped out.

But every time he thinks of her, he would sometimes feel his heart was pricked, and it sometimes even itched.

Rather than not getting up nor down like this, it is better to hold it firmly so when the time comes, he will know whether she is turning into a needle that pierce in or turning into a soft place lying in the bottom of his heart

Fu Mingyu raised his eyebrows and squinted at Yan’an.

The same tone, the same sentence.

“Don’t make assumptions too early.”


At this moment, Ruan Sixian, who was in the staff canteen, suddenly sneezed.

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The aunt in the canteen asked: “Miss, did you catch a cold”

“No.” Ruan Sixian wiped her nose.

“Maybe someone scolded me behind my back.”

She finished choosing her meal and took the plate to find a place to sit down.

In the evening, there are more people in the staff canteen than usual.

In addition to the air service staff, many civil staff also come to eat.

At this time, there is no empty table.

At last, she found the only remaining table and sat down, but the spoon accidentally fell to the ground.

Ruan Sixian bent down to pick it up.

As soon as she reached out her hand, the spoon was already picked up by the other hand.

She looked up and saw Yue Chen standing in front of her with a smile.

“Little Ruan, what a coincidence.”

Since Ruan Sixian ran into him in London last time and had a meal together, the two have never contacted each other in private anymore.

When they came back, they were not on the same route and had no chance to cooperate.

And now that he’s with Jiang Ziyue, Ruan Sixian is even more careful to avoid suspicion.

She occasionally meets him in the company, and she doesn’t say a word except for the necessary greetings.

After all, Jiang Ziyue knew that Yue Chen had chased her before, and with less contact there would be less things like suspicious circumstances.

But at this time, Ruan Sixian can only smile politely, “What a coincidence.”

Yue Chen put the spoon he picked up aside and asked: “Is there no one here”

Ruan Sixian shook her head.

“Do you have a flight tonight”

“Yes.” Yue Chen sat down, looked around Ruan Sixian’s face inadvertently and asked, “Where did you fly to today”

Ruan Sixian said concisely: “Lincheng.”

“Oh, my hometown.”

They were chatting with each other on and off like this, with a little vague awkwardness, but it was perfectly covered up from the other party.

“By the way, I am getting married at the end of this year.

I will send you an invitation later.” After Yue Chen talked for a long time, it turned out that this is his main point.

“Congratulations.” Ruan Sixian picked up the pepper on the plate and said in a relaxed tone, “What month is it”

“It’s December 7th or 8th, I always can’t remember it clearly.” Yue Chen laughed as he said so.

“Later when I go back, I should carve it onto my body, or else I will be scolded every time I go home after being asked about it.”

Ruan Sixian also laughed, but what she laughed about was, sure enough, the saying of ‘the return of the prodigal son’ still exists in this world.

She never thought that Yue Chen, such a promiscuous man, would be turned into a docile and obedient one by Jiang Ziyue.

The two laughed at their own thought that was not on the same channel, until a Co-pilot passed by with a tray and coughed slightly.

Yue Chen raised his head, looking at the Co-pilot confusedly.

The other party squinted his eyes and signaled with his mouth to the right side.


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