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Fu Mingyu sat down and straightened his cuffs.

Another hand stretched out in front of him.

He raised his eyes and immediately looked away lazily.

“What are you here”

“What do you mean why am I here” Yan’an sat down beside Fu Mingyu and turned the nameplate on the table to face Fu Mingyu.

“Of course, I came to the meeting on behalf of our Beihang Airlines.”

The appearance of Yan’an was contrary to Fu Mingyu’s expectation, but it was also reasonable.

In the past, Yan’an was not allowed by the Yan family to be a representative in such expositions.

Usually, it was Director Yan himself who came out in person or his special assistant.

But this year, Director Yan’s health is not very good.

No matter how idle Yan’an is, it is impossible for him to justify it.

Fu Mingyu had no intention to chat with Yan’an, and a single glance of response was already enough.

Yan’an also has lost his interest too.

After glancing at the content on the LED screen, he was not interested in it at all, so he thought he might as well chat with Fu Mingyu.

“I heard that you are doing flight quality monitoring reform recently”

Although the two of them don’t deal with each other normally, they have a deep relationship at work, and he has always been at a peaceful state with Yan’an.


Since the execution of alternate flight to Fudu some time ago because of Co-pilot Yu, Fu Mingyu has started to do something.

He proposed to carry out a comprehensive reform of flight quality monitoring, starting from Hengshi Airlines itself, overturning the guidelines that have been used for more than 20 years.

This is not a secret in airlines, but it still stir up a thousand waves at the same time.

But Yan’an is not surprised.

Someone will do this sooner or later, but he didn’t expect it to be Fu Mingyu who is about his age.

“Why do you suddenly think of doing this”

Fu Mingyu’s face was calm, as if he was just talking about a trivial matter.

“I’ve wanted to do it since the year I took office.

Some time ago, the incident of an alternate flight for Co-pilot with acute cholecystitis gave me an opportunity.”

Fu Mingyu said it lightly, but Yan’an really understood how difficult it was.

The flight quality monitoring introduced by QAR did play a positive role in regulating pilot operations in the early stage, and gave the starting airlines a model for management.

However, in recent years, the consequences of QAR abuse have become more and more obvious, and these effects have far outweighed its positive significance.

For example, the frequent tail-wiping incidents and the incidents where there was only about 20 minutes of fuel left when an aircraft landed last year can almost all point to QAR’s management and penalties have been turned upside down.

The reason was that the pilot was worried about being punished by QAR, and thus aggravated a simple incident to a serious one.

In the eyes of many people, QAR should be used for technical analysis and auxiliary training, rather than being used by the safety inspection department to punish pilots.

However, it is difficult for anyone to really take this step because of their deep-rooted history and authority.

If they want to reform, they need to come up with a more convincing trial plan.

Yan’an shook his head with a pessimistic attitude: “Why bother to do a hard but thankless job You can’t win over that group of stubborn old antiques.”

Fu Mingyu stared at the LED screen, his eyes were clear, but his tone was very tough, “Don’t make assumptions too early.”

As he finished speaking, the meeting also officially began at this time.

At the end of the nearly six hour meeting, Yan’an’s patience was already at the limit.

He twisted his neck, his eyelids were so heavy that the upper one and the lower one kept fighting.

He turned his head to see and found that Fu Mingyu didn’t seem tired at all.

The people on the stage have already begun to say the closing speech.

Yan’an was bored to death so he took out his mobile phone and played with it.

When he opened Weibo, he saw an update on the Official Blog of Hengshi Airlines a minute ago.

He showed off an act like handling official business and clicked in to see it.

It was the publicity Weibo of Hengshi Airlines Flight Academy’s nationwide recruitment tour this year, with nine pictures attached in it.

He could tell at a glance that the one in the middle was Ruan Sixian.

After opening the larger picture and looking at it for a long time, he couldn’t hold back and took his mobile phone to ask the person next to him: “Is there an original picture of your company’s promotional pictures”

Fu Mingyu looked up and down at Yan’an, inch by inch.

Then he turned his head away and said indifferently: “No.”


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