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When Ruan Sixian found the vinegar, she specially looked at the expiration date.

Fortunately, it has not expired.

At this time, Fu Mingyu walked into the kitchen and took a pair of chopsticks.

When he passed by Ruan Sixian, he said: “Just take it away, I don’t usually use it too.”

“No.” Ruan Sixian said, “I will just pour a little bit.”

After speaking, she removed the plastic seal on the outside, pinched the bottle cap and twisted it.


So tight

She added a little more strength but still can’t open it.

Can’t this old lady solve just a bottle of vinegar

Ruan Sixian twisted her neck and squeezed the bottle tightly, put a little bit more strength in her hand, and when she was just about to open the bottle cap——She saw Fu Mingyu’s eyes looking at her a little differently.

Ruan Sixian doesn’t know how to describe that feeling.

She just felt that his face was full of ‘f*ck, is this still a woman’ doubt all over.

Thinking of her own five fingers’ slap that still has some shadow lingering on his face, Ruan Sixian’s hand unconsciously loosened.

Then, she started to think about how to naturally and unpretentiously put on an expression that showed she can’t unscrew it.

“Can’t unscrew it”

Before she could perform, Fu Mingyu had already seen it.

Ruan Sixian nodded: “Yeah, it’s too tight.”

Fu Mingyu tilted his head and looked down at her, “Then, just smash open it with a punch.”

Ruan Sixian: “…”

He really doesn’t think of me as a woman.

She took a breath and told herself that this person had apologized, and she already slapped him too, so she should stop scolding him.

“President Fu, I am a woman.”

Fu Mingyu gave an “Oh” sound and continued, “Then just use your little pink fist to smash it open.”


F*ck endurance.

“I will smash your head with my little pink fist!”

Ruan Sixian kicked him in the calf.

Unfortunately, this dog man seemed to know that she would use the trick of turning the tiger away from the mountain where she said she wanted to smash him, but she moved her leg instead.

He nimbly stepped to the side to avoid it, and at the same time also took away the vinegar bottle in her hand.

He twisted it lightly and the bottle cap opened.

Ruan Sixian says nothing at all.

He handed the bottle over, raised his eyes, and lifted his eyebrows slightly.

Ruan Sixian felt as if he wanted to expose the matter about her pretending that she couldn’t open it.

Ruan Sixian looked up at him and waited for him to speak.

“Didn’t you say that you will vomit when you drink vinegar Want to lose weight today “


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At this moment, Ruan Sixian discovered that she always wanted to beat this man, but it was not because of the incident a few years ago.

It’s because this man is just very simply, purely——begging for a beating.

Begging for a beating so much that he appeared in her dreams tonight.

She dreamed that she came to the seaside.

The sky is blue here and the sun is very bright.

The sea water is very clear, and the breeze is very gentle.

She saw Fu Mingyu there, too.

She rushed forward and gave him a kick.

Shit, her feet hurt so much.

This bastard is really hard.

Early the next morning, Ruan Sixian got up an hour earlier than usual.

After hearing about the deeds of the flying instructor Helan Feng this time, she took a morning run in the basement, hoping to see the instructor in her best spirit.

It’s just that, she heard that he is Fu Mingyu’s uncle.

She hopes that Fu Mingyu’s character is not a family trait.

It’s a pity that things often go against one’s wishes.

Before Ruan Sixian arrived at the dispatch department, she met several pilots on the way.

Someone heard that Helan Feng was flying with her today, so someone chatted about it with her.

The person said that this man was harsh and it was not that simple kind of harsh.

He is very good at soul torturing the Co-pilot from multiple angles.

For example, during one of the flights, the Co-pilot misread the altimeter and was still climbing desperately when he reached the airspace altitude.

Helan Feng suddenly asked the Co-pilot: “Young man, have you brought an oxygen tank”

Co-pilot: “N-no.


“How dare you fly into outer space without an oxygen tank”

While listening to this story, Ruan Sixian also saw Fu Mingyu’s figure appearing in the glass corridor in the distance.

Great, it looks like it’s a family trait.

Ruan Sixian encouraged herself, went to write the flight mission statement, took the aviation weather report of the day, went to the aviation doctor and air traffic control office to sign and stamped the seal, and then went to the meeting room.

She was the first to arrive, and the meeting room was still very quiet.

She looked at the aeronautical chart with no distraction, and didn’t raise her head until the crew came.

Before saying their greeting, another person came in.


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