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Just take a look at this man.

His mouth says ‘our accounts have been cleared’, but his actual action shows that he still holds a lot of grudges.

Ruan Sixian felt that she still couldn’t talk more than three sentences with Fu Mingyu, whether it was before or now.

So for the physical and mental health of both parties, she chose to remain silent.

Otherwise, she could not ensure that she would not vomit fragrance words in a moment of passion.

But when she got on the elevator, she glanced at the medicine bag in Fu Mingyu’s hand.

It was translucent, and she could see that there were a few boxes of medicine inside.

I say you really are a straight male[1].

What’s the use of taking medicine if what you have  was a mark on your face The most effective method is to use external medicine.

“Are you not using the thing that I gave you” Ruan Sixian said, “Why don’t you believe me at all Taking medicine is certainly not as useful as external application.”

Fu Mingyu glanced at her, looking as if he didn’t want to speak, and only uttered two words after a long time.

“Gastrointestinal medicine.”


No wonder she feels that he is not in a good mood today.

It turned out that he was not hurt by her slap, but had gastrointestinal problems.

When she returned home, Ruan Sixian went through the takeaway app and looked around.

She found that she had been tired of eating the food from the nearby eatery and had no appetite, so she planned to cook by herself.

There was not much food in the refrigerator, but there were many frozen dumplings that Si Xiaozhen gave her.

Ruan Sixian took out a pack, boiled a pot of water, and placed ten dumplings down.

But when she was about to put the dumplings back in the refrigerator, she suddenly remembered the medicine Fu Mingyu was holding today.

His gastrointestinal problems are probably caused by irregular meals.

When she thought of this, she was already thinking about cooking another bowl of dumplings.

However, Ruan Sixian suddenly became sober when she saw the dumplings floating and sinking in the boiling water.

She hasn’t even eaten anything yet but she was already like a person that was already full and had nothing to do.

Why should she worry about whether he has eaten or not.

If he wants to eat, he only needs to make a phone call and many people will run the errand for him.

In the end, she only cooked a bowl of dumplings.

Fifteen minutes later, the hot dumplings came out of the pot.

She was so hungry that she just directly took out a bowl and put it on the table, and only found out that she had used up all the vinegar she had afterwards.


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It was only then that she remembered she had cleaned the drain with the remaining half bottle of vinegar last week.

At present, there are only three options.

The first one is to go downstairs and buy it by herself, the second one is to use an app to find someone to run the errand for her, and the last one is to go upstairs and borrow a bottle of vinegar.

The dumplings are out of the pot and steaming.

Ruan Sixian measured the three options.

It seems that only the last one can make her eat the dumplings before it gets cold.


She nodded silently and sent a message to Fu Mingyu.

[Ruan Sixian]: Do you have vinegar at home

That side soon gave a reply.

[Fu Mingyu]:

[Ruan Sixian]: I have no vinegar anymore.

Can I borrow some

[Fu Mingyu]: Take it by yourself.

Ruan Sixian happily prepared to go out, but when she changed her shoes, she thought a little and asked another question.

[Ruan Sixian]: Have you eaten yet

[Fu Mingyu]: Not yet.


Thinking that her slap was too powerful before, Ruan Sixian decided to give this bowl of dumplings to Fu Mingyu first.

However, when she stood at the door of Fu Mingyu’s house with this bowl of steaming dumplings, she found that Fu Mingyu’s driver had also arrived with a food box.

The two looked at each other, and Ruan Sixian suddenly understood something.

At the same time, the door opened with a clicking sound.

The driver took a step ahead of Ruan Sixian and handed over the food box, “President Fu, your dinner.”

Fu Mingyu took the food box and looked at Ruan Sixian next to him.

Looking at the dumplings in her hand, he opened his mouth to say: “Aren’t you borrowing vinegar”


That’s right.” Ruan Sixian’s eyes were calm, “I take this up just to pour a little bit in it and then leave.”

Fu Mingyu did not say anything and just let her into the door, while the driver also left by himself.

“The vinegar is in the kitchen.

Find it yourself.”


Ruan Sixian walked into Fu Mingyu’s kitchen with a bowl and looked around.


The same apartment, the same building, but this apartment’s style is really different.

When she came last time, she didn’t pay attention to it.

It turned out that the number one on each floor was so big that even the kitchen was bigger than her living room.

Hengshi Mining Co., Ltd.

really hammered her down.

However, Fu Mingyu’s kitchen is very large and everything in it was complete, but it is completely new, even the condiments are unopened.

[1] Straight male: It generally refers to male chauvinism, ignorance of female thinking, inattentive thinking, not good at taking pictures of girlfriends, and self-personality.

It may also mean straight-line thinking and stubbornness.


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