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Fu Mingyu snorted softly.

Ruan Sixian once again took a little bit of the cream, and carefully applied it on all over the side of his face bit by bit.

On a summer night, the sound of insects went through the window and came to Ruan Sixian’s ears along Fu Mingyu’s breathing.

Her force was very light, so light as if it was a tickle.

Fu Mingyu endured it for a few minutes but couldn’t help it anymore and frowned.

“Did I use too much force”

Fu Mingyu pondered for a moment, “No, you can continue.”

Ruan Sixian let out an “Oh”, but her movement became even lighter.

Fu Mingyu’s brows never loosened, and his breathing gradually became anxious.

Upon seeing this, Ruan Sixian’s movement became more and more lighter again.

Finally, Fu Mingyu couldn’t bear it any more and said: “Are you applying medicine or touching me”

Ruan Sixian: “…”

She suddenly poked him in the face a little harder.

“What do you think then”

Fu Mingyu hissed, gritted his teeth and looked at Ruan Sixian, “Are you still a woman”

“If I were a man, you might die with just this slap of mine.”

Fu Mingyu suddenly laughed.

Then he approached her and said in a deep voice: “If you were a man, would I indulge you like this”

At this moment, the two of them were very close.

They could clearly hear each other’s breathing, and they could also see themselves reflected in each other’s pupils.

Ruan Sixian keeps thinking of his ‘indulge’ word.

When it was spoken out with his hoarse voice, it stuck to her ears and didn’t disperse even after a long time.

Ruan Sixian felt that he was not expressing how gentlemanly he was, but only elaborating the facts between them to her, just to her.

She couldn’t refute this sentence because it was true, but she didn’t know how to answer it either.

Fortunately, her stomach saved her.

——It makes two grumbling sounds in time.

In the early morning of the next day, Ruan Sixian got up early for the flight and returned in the afternoon.

On her way home, she met several colleagues at the door.

They were chatting.

Today’s monthly meeting of the Flight Planning Department was postponed.

The specific reason is unknown, but it seems that it was arranged by Fu Mingyu.

When Ruan Sixian heard this, she subconsciously looked at her palm.

It’s really not a broken palm.

Another day later, Ruan Sixian heard again that the regular meeting of the Dispatch Department this month had also been cancelled.

She was stunned at that time.

It wouldn’t be, right Will Fu Mingyu’s face be so delicate that it hasn’t healed yet

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It was not until the morning of the third day, when he came out of the Pre-flight Collaboration Meeting, that she caught a glimpse of Fu Mingyu’s back from afar and was relieved.

It looks like it has healed.

She is paired with Captain Fan again on this flight, and after the meeting, she went to the cafeteria for breakfast with the crew.

At the table, after a few chats from everyone, Ruan Sixian mentioned that she was scheduled to fly with an instructor next week.

After becoming a Co-pilot, in order to accumulate flight experience, the company will arrange flight instructors for them according to the flight situation.

At that time, Ruan Sixian will be able to fly in the pilot’s seat, next to the flight instructor, who will supervise and guide the whole process and guarantee this flight

Before that, Ruan Sixian had already experienced a flight with an instructor too, so she was not too excited this time.

She just mentioned it casually.

Captain Fan also casually asked: “Where are you flying to”

“Lincheng.” Ruan Sixian said, “I am quite familiar with this route.”

“Yes I know you are already familiar with it, but it’s not the same when you have an instructor on the side.”

Although Captain Fan has been a captain for 20 years, he is also nervous when he occasionally encounters a spot check by the instructor, or when the instructor temporarily adds a crew member to his flight for convenience.

“Then, have you seen which instructor is it this time Let me see if I know him.

If I do, I will let him take care of you.”

Ruan Sixian recalled for a moment and said: “I don’t remember the name very well.

It seems that his surname is He”

Captain Fan opened his mouth and thought for a while, “Helan Feng”

“Yeah, right.

That’s the name.”

“Him” Captain Fan was surprised and put down his chopsticks directly, “Are you sure it’s him”




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