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“Why did you start playing with your mobile phone” Zheng You’an looked at Ruan Sixian with teary eyes, “Can you respect me”

“… Let me reply to a message first.”

Ruan Sixian was sleepy, hungry and tired.

She resisted the urge to yawn.

She got up and said, “I’ll go to the bathroom.”

“Why do you always go to the bathroom”

Zheng You’an frowned discontentedly and continued to cry while lying on her stomach.

Ruan Sixian hides in the bathroom with her mobile phone and sends a message to Fu Mingyu.

[Ruan Sixian]: Are you here yet

[Fu Mingyu]: Yes.

[Ruan Sixian]: Hurry up!

[Fu Mingyu]: Don’t be anxious, there are still a few minutes till I arrive there.

After the urging, Ruan Sixian went to the toilet, but within a few minutes, someone outside already took the opportunity.

She looked at it from a distance and saw a man in a flowered shirt and trousers leaning over and standing in front of Zheng You’an with a glass of wine.

“Beauty, are you drinking alone”

Zheng You’an raised her head.

Her face was still wet with tears and she looked pitiful.

The man’s heart was itchy all of a sudden.

He naturally sat next to her, leaned to her ear and said: “Oh, why is the beauty crying”

Zheng You’an, who has been protected since growing up from childhood, has never encountered such a situation.

Her thinking brain hasn’t figured it out yet when she stares at the man opposite, and sees his shirt that dazzled her eyes.

The flower shirt has no resistance to the beauty who shows this kind of expression, and reaches out to hug her.

However, before touching Zheng You’an’s shoulder, he was grabbed by the arm.

“What are you doing”

The flower shirt looked back, and saw Ruan Sixian looking at him coldly.

Hey, today is his fortune to be loved by pretty girls.

Another beauty came again.

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“I’m comforting the little beauty.” The flower shirt smiled and retracted his arm, his eyes were stuck to Ruan Sixian’s face, “Are you two together”

Ruan Sixian didn’t want to cause trouble in Bian Xuan’s place, so she tried her best not to do anything.

She said calmly: “Yeah, do you have something If there’s nothing, I will leave with her.”

“Come on, what time is it Let’s have a drink together.” The flower shirt said and leaned towards Zheng You’an, “Why did the beauty cry Lovelorn Tell Brother and Brother will help you out.”

Ruan Sixian sat down on the opposite sofa, folded her arms, and said: “I will tell you why.

She broke the leg of a man who chatted up with her today.

She was afraid of going to jail.

So, so afraid that she cried.”

Zheng You’an: “…”

The smile on the flower shirt’s mouth froze, and a few seconds later, he gave a dry laugh: “Hey hey, this beauty really can joke.”

“I’m not joking with you.” Ruan Sixian moved her hands, “I have more experience in this field, so she came to me for advice.”

Done saying so, she slants her head to look at the flower shirt, “Why don’t you also come up with an idea together with us”

If he can’t hear Ruan Sixian’s meaning again this time, he is an idiot then.

The flower shirt bit his teeth, picked up the wine glass and went away, muttering: “What a thorny rose.”

Ruan Sixian only pretended to not hear his complaining words, and handed a tissue to Zheng You’an.

“Wipe it.

Your eyeliners are all messed up.”

Zheng You’an took the tissue, but covered her mouth and vomited.

Ruan Sixian jumped up all of a sudden, “Seriously You throw up with only such a little wine I even thought you were a good drinker.”

The vomit was surging in her throat as Zheng You’an stood up and rush to the toilet, and she also did not forget to explain: “I am throwing up because that man made me nauseous!”

Ruan Sixian strode after her, but was shut at the door.

Zheng You’an doesn’t want others to see her vomiting.

It’s so humiliating.

The first thing after entering was to turn on the faucet to cover up the vomiting sound.

Ruan Sixian knocked on the door.

“Are you okay”


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