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There are only two cubicles in this bathroom, one of which is open and there’s no one inside, and in the other one is where the person who just yelled out was.

When Ruan Sixian was hesitating whether to go to the bathroom or wash her hands first, the cubicle was suddenly pushed open from the inside.

A woman walked out angrily, stepped to the front of the sink, and while washing her hands with her mobile phone in her hands, she said: “No no no.

Don’t speak for him.

I say, it’s far more than these things.

Forget it.

I’m still in Hengshi Airlines now.

I will take the team away now.

I will not stay here anymore even just for a moment.

You come out and drink with me in the evening and I will tell you again.

What What business do you have Just cancel it! Must it be today Okay, okay.

I’m hanging up now.”

At the same time, she finished washing her hands and half leaned forward to get the tissue, but accidentally dropped the mobile phone.

The mobile phone dropped with a pattering sound, and it sounded tragic.

Probably, when people are upset, everything is stumbling.

She closed her eyes and took a deep breath.

She even wanted to step on the mobile phone with her foot.

Ruan Sixian was also stunned.

It turned out to be Zheng You’an.

Zheng You’an finally bent over to pick up her mobile phone, and when she straightened up, Ruan Sixian had already handed the tissue to her.

She was also stunned when she saw Ruan Sixian, and did not pick up the tissue for a while.

Each of them felt they were stiffer than the other party at this time.

Even if Ruan Sixian thinks until her head bursts, she would never imagine that the person who scolded Fu Mingyu in the cubicle was Zheng You’an.

And Zheng You’an must also regret that she was too eager to make complaints about the boss in the Hengshi Airlines and was heard by other party’s employees.

A subtle embarrassment spread between the two, covering the whole body invisibly.

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Ruan Sixian took the lead in breaking the deadlock and stuffed the tissue into Zheng You’an’s hand casually.

“The floor is dirty, wipe it.”

“Thank you.” Zheng You’an pretended to say casually while wiping her mobile phone, “Your blush looks pretty, what brand and color”

“… red colored one[1].”


Who could have imagined that Fu Mingyu, a prince of an airline company, who is 187 tall, whose face is in the aesthetic point of contemporary women, would have used his own strength to overthrow the formal full banquet that God had rewarded him, evaded the rain of arrows shot by Cupid, and also successfully taught contemporary women not to look at men’s faces only.

As Fu Mingyu’s subordinate, as a humble employee who relied on his wallet to live, Ruan Sixian couldn’t help laughing at this point in time when she thought of this.

Zheng You’an, who had already stepped out of the bathroom, suddenly looked back and said with a little embarrassment: “What are you laughing at”

Why has she got caught again

Ruan Sixian was a little depressed, but she feels that it was more funny than depressing.

She clenched her fist against the corner of her mouth, trying to cover her smile.

“Did I laugh”

Zheng You’an is not embarrassed anymore now, but got angry instead.

“Did you hear it”

Ruan Sixian suppressed a smile and nodded: “I didn’t deliberately eavesdrop, but you are really too loud.”

Zheng You’an looked at Ruan Sixian with bulging eyes, which makes Ruan Sixian want to laugh even more: “I thought, who was so bold and brave to scold our President Fu inside the Hengshi Airlines.

It turned out to be you.

Before, I even thought that you liked him.”

“Who would like this kind of megalomaniac that was inconsistent in his words!”

Ruan Sixian squinted her eyes and looked at her, “So it was like this…”

Zheng You’an’s confidence dropped because of that gaze, and she raised her chin stubbornly.

“OK, I used to like him a little bit, but it’s impossible now.

Who would like such a psycho!”

After speaking, she was stunned.

As if it was a woman’s intuition, she tilted her head to look at Ruan Sixian.

“Do you like him”

The smile on Ruan Sixian’s face disappeared in an instant and she sneered: “Who would like a narcissistic like him Am I crazy “

The voice fell, and the small bathroom was strangely silent for a moment.

[1] I think there’s a censored brand here.

Sorry, can’t find it haha.

The author only typed ‘熱’ which means hot.

So I just translate it as red.


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