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Fu Mingyu did not speak, and pushed a bottle at the table to Ruan Sixian.

“What are you doing”

“Add more vinegar[1].”

Why don’t you write novels with so much imagination

Ruan Sixian put the vinegar back in place: “Sorry, I’ve never liked to eat vinegar.

I will vomit after eating it.”

Fu Mingyu nodded carelessly, but still did not have the intention to move his chopsticks.

Ruan Sixian looked at him for a few seconds, took out the disinfectant wipes from her bag, wiped a pair of chopsticks carefully, and handed it to Fu Mingyu.

“President Fu, eat it.”

Fu Mingyu took the chopsticks, paused, and said, “I don’t eat clam.”

“This is easy.

Little Ruan will give you service.”

Ruan Sixian smiled and pulled his bowl over, then carefully picked up the clam pieces.

Although he knew that she had no good intentions, Fu Mingyu still smiled when he saw her drooping eyelashes flickered, her nose was a little sweaty and the corners of her mouth curled up.

A few minutes later, all the clams in Fu Mingyu’s bowl ran into Ruan Sixian’s bowl.

Ruan Sixian pushed the bowl back and looked at him with a smile, “It’s done.”

Fu Mingyu made an ‘Oh’ sound, then said “I don’t eat vermicelli either.”


“Fu Mingyu, you are picking a fight, right”

“I will vomit when I eat vermicelli.”


Very good.”

Ruan Sixian clapped her hands and applauded, “Those who don’t know will think that I was accompanying the Emperor to eat.”

Fu Mingyu didn’t move his chopsticks until Ruan Sixian finished eating the clam vermicelli in front of him.

Before she put down the chopsticks, he went to pay

A total of 36 yuan, Fu Mingyu gave the boss a hundred yuan bill.

“Keep the change.”

“Yes, yes.

Please eat well.”

The boss took the money and smiled like a blooming flower, but in his heart he thought that the rich could really **ing find delight.

Fu Mingyu turned around and waved to Ruan Sixian.

“Let’s go.”

Ruan Sixian was rather full, and wiped her mouth leisurely before she got up slowly.

At this time, the pedestrian street is still very lively, with pedestrians coming and going, but the pace is very leisurely.

The colorful neon lights and loud music complemented each other, and there were girls selling things at the street stalls by the side of the road, all of which slowed the passage of time.

“How much was it just now”

Ruan Sixian asked.

“You want to give me money”


“No need to.”

Fu Mingyu continued to walk forward.

Ruan Sixian fell one step behind, and pouted her lips at him.

A meal of clam vermicelli that cost only dozens of yuan, was spoken by him as if he was paying for a full formal banquet in which he doesn’t mind paying at all.

But the next second, she heard him say with a smile: “You said that I am a pig farm.”

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——Then, how can he collect her money

Ruan Sixian held her breath in place.

Two seconds later, she still couldn’t hold back.

“Fu! Ming! Yu! “

Fu Mingyu turned back and said lightly: “What’s wrong Not full yet “

Ruan Sixian did not know how she resisted killing Fu Mingyu in the street.

Is it her self-restraint

Is it her upbringing

No, it is a harmonious society under the rule of law that restricts her.

Ruan Sixian’s footsteps were so fast that she almost started trotting, but Fu Mingyu could easily catch up with her.

“Okay, I won’t tease you anymore.” He grabbed Ruan Sixian’s wrist.

“Seriously, will you go on the enrollment tour It will start on November 11th, and the first stop will be your alma mater.”

Ruan Sixian was so angry and didn’t even notice that he said the word ‘alma mater’.

“Not going! At the Double Eleven[2], I just want to buy your life at a discount!”


Fu Mingyu’s expression was still plain, but what he said was unbearable, “You even want me to give you my life It’s a little too fast.


[Ruan Si Xian]: How come there is such a shameless person in the world

[Ruan Si Xian]: Did the Mother Goddess Nuwa[1] accidentally forget to knead his face

[Ruan Si Xian]: Did he accidentally forget to develop his face when the embryo was developing

Ruan Sixian made a series of complaints, and Bian Xuan only returned a yawning emoticon.

[Bian Xuan]: Fu Mingyu again

Ruan Sixian’s typing hands paused.

[1] vinegar: jealousy.

[2] Double Eleven (雙十一 November 11th.

There’s a shopping carnival in China at that time.

[3] Goddess Nuwa: The mother goddess of Chinese mythology.

She is credited with creating humanity and repairing the Pillar of Heaven.


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