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The fire at the door rumbling loudly, and the hot stone pot was springing up with fire, and the smell of boiling filled the narrow storefront.

The waiter neatly walked onto a table with leftover bowls, grabbed a greasy rag and quickly wiped the table.

“What do the two guests want to order”

Ruan Sixian glanced at the menu on the wall and said, “Sour and spicy clam vermicelli, add more clams.”

The waiter looked at Fu Mingyu again, but the voice was not so straightforward, “How about you”

Fu Mingyu said lightly: “Same as her.”

“Got it!” The waiter looked up and shouted towards the kitchen, “Two sour and spicy clam vermicelli!”

Since Fu Mingyu walked in with her, Ruan Sixian could feel the surrounding eyes gradually focusing on him.

The small shop is noisy and crowded, full of smoke and heat, but Fu Mingyu has a noble temperament and indifferent expression, which is not in line with the atmosphere here.

He doesn’t seem to be someone who would appear in such a place at all, but rather like the style of a movie being played on the TV in the corner of the store.

Ruan Sixian did not expect that he would actually come in.

Ten minutes ago, Ruan Sixian, who lied and was caught, looked at Fu Mingyu, who walked to her, with a calm expression but embarrassment in her heart.

He asked, “Didn’t you say you already eat”

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Ruan Sixian said stiffly: “Extra Meal.”

Fu Mingyu looked at the environment in the store and asked, “Would you like to change the place”

Ruan Sixian thought how could she change it after she had been in line for so long.

Now, even a Michelin restaurant can’t take her away from the magic of this eatery.

“No, I just want to eat here.”

After speaking so, she deliberately asked: “President Fu, do you want to eat together”

How could Fu Mingyu eat something that cost only a little bit more than ten yuan a bowl.

Besides, the environment here… It can’t be said as clean anyway.

Unexpectedly, he nodded, “Well, okay.”

So he stood quietly beside Ruan Sixian for ten minutes, and when the store called, he walked in with her.

Ruan Sixian felt that she had dug a hole for herself again.

The things that she can eat, why can’t Fu Mingyu not eat it

Is this who is nobler than whom, or what

But when the two bowls of steaming clam vermicelli were brought up, they smelled carefully and the fishy smell of the clams and the sourness of vinegar were very pungent.

Ruan Sixian saw Fu Mingyu frowning so obviously on the opposite side.

Sure enough, it’s still hard for him to eat it.

Ruan Sixian directly picked up the small bowl, filled some soup in it, took a sip, and deliberately showed a glutton’s happy expression.

“It’s really delicious.”

She looked at Fu Mingyu and raised her eyebrows at him, “President Fu, move your chopsticks already.

It’s really delicious.”

She didn’t believe that Fu Mingyu would really eat this stuff.

Sure enough, although Fu Mingyu was sitting, he was half a meter away from the table.

He wiped the spoon with a paper towel, and also learned like Ruan Sixian, filling a small bowl with the soup.

But when he lifted the bowl, he still failed to drink it.

The whole bowl is filled with a pungent smell of spices, and what is the oil floating on it

He raised his eyes and met Ruan Sixian’s cunning gaze.

Putting down the bowl, he decided to change the subject.

“The company will start recruiting the Flight Academy’s students for domestic flight in November.

Would you like to go”

“What am I going there for”

“To make a speech.”

Ruan Sixian made an “Oh” sound and picked out a clam piece to eat.

“I’m just a Co-pilot, it’s better to leave all the speech to the Captain.”

“It doesn’t matter.” Fu Mingyu said, “If the one who makes the speech is a female pilot, it will attract more girls to sign up.”

Ruan Sixian suddenly raised her head and asked, “Why, do you still want to recruit more female pilots”

“I’ve never considered the gender of the pilot.” His eyes slowly wandered around Ruan Sixian’s face, with a faint smile on the corner of his mouth.

“Of course, if it is a female pilot like you, I don’t mind recruiting more.”

Ruan Sixian cackled, ” A waterfront pavilion gets the moonlight first, right President Fu”


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