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Ruan Sixian didn’t thank Fu Mingyu when she got out of the car, but he didn’t care, because he had to send her home anyway.

Fu Mingyu sat in the car and watched as she strode into the lobby and disappeared in the elevator.

The mobile phone suddenly rings.

Fu Mingyu took a glance and saw that it is a message from Zheng You’an, asking him if he would like to see the pictures taken today.

Ruan Sixian’s picture

Fu Mingyu replied: Okay.

After receiving the message, Zheng You’an locked herself in the darkroom.

Although the film cameras have been discontinued one after another, Zheng You’an still recognizes the color restoration and image clarity of the film cameras, so the darkroom is still a holy place in her heart.

She has a high requirement for photography.

Fortunately, her family has excellent financial conditions, which can stand up to her casually playing around, and even the cameras at home are piled up like mountains.

Her grades are also not bad.

When she was thirteen years old, her family opened a photography exhibition for her.

She went abroad to study at the age of fifteen.

She took many works in seven years, and she won many awards.

Her father was also proud of her.

He would tell everyone about her achievements, and her friends often asked her to take pictures of themselves with eyes full of admiration.

Even the teacher hardly criticized her works.

The self-confidence that she has developed since childhood makes her have more demands towards her own work.

Even if she was only shooting a promotional video this time, she would shoot it as an art film.

But what did Fu Mingyu say

“It’s really not very good.”

It has been so long but Zheng You’an still feels uncomfortable when she thinks of this sentence.

Saying it herself that she didn’t shoot very well was only acting humble.

If it was him who said that she didn’t shoot well, then it means that he is blind.

The more she thought about it, the more unconvinced she became.

The soothing music in the darkroom couldn’t ease her mood.

After the pictures were developed, she admired them alone for a long time.

The Hengshi Airlines have never seen such artistic promotional pictures.

Definitely never.

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After sending the scanned high-definition pictures to Bo Yang’s email, Zheng You’an quietly waited for Fu Mingyu’s evaluation.

However, half an hour later, the other side still has not responded.

Zheng You’an couldn’t help but send another message asking: Brother Mingyu, have you seen it

At this time Fu Mingyu had just returned to Hengshi.

On the table is the ‘List of Negative Applications of Flight Data’ that has just been drafted.

This is his most important work recently.

After reading Zheng You’an’s message, Fu Mingyu replied with ‘wait a minute, I’m busy’, and went to the conference room.

The first meeting on reforming flight quality monitoring was held, and the shareholder representatives sitting below were all against it.

The meeting lasted for seven hours.

It was already dark when Fu Mingyu came out of the meeting room.

Bo Yang followed behind him and said: “CEO Fu just called to inquire about today’s meeting.

Do you want to call back now”

“No hurry.” Fu Mingyu walked toward his office, “There’s no need to report to him before the result comes out.”

After sitting in the office, Fu Mingyu took off his coat, put his arms on the backrest and looked lazily at the neon lights outside the french window.

After the various quarrels that filled his mind slowly dissipated, Fu Mingyu rubbed his brows and suddenly remembered something.

“Bo Yang, did Miss Zheng send new pictures today”

Bo Yang nodded and said: “She sent it over a long time ago.

Do you want to see it now”

Fu Mingyu: “Yeah.”

The pictures that were sent by Zheng You’an are very large in size.

Bo Yang spent a long time decompressing it.

While waiting, he dragged his chin to look at the progress bar and his eyes seemingly between the open and closed state.

He really wants to tell Miss Zheng that she just needs to send Ruan Sixian’s picture over.

Anyway, their President Fu, who attends to hundreds of important matters every day, doesn’t have the energy to look at other people.

Twenty minutes later, Bo Yang showed the pictures sent by Zheng You’an on the screen in the office.

Fu Mingyu sat on the sofa in a relaxed posture, holding the remote control and flipping through a few pictures that he didn’t even want to see.

He jumped directly to the directory and directly selected Ruan Sixian’s pictures.

Bo Yang thought without expression on the side: Sure enough.

After a long time, just before Bo Yang was about to enter meditation in place, Fu Mingyu finally slid through the other photos at will.


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