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TN: decided to use italic to differentiate the inner dialogue.


“What are you laughing at” Zheng You’an suddenly asked, “Something wrong with this”

“No.” Fu Mingyu looked back at her, the smile on his lips had not subsided, “Just take the picture.

I will just have a look.”

Zheng You’an nodded and said yes.

When Ruan Sixian turned her head, she saw Fu Mingyu smiling and talking to Zheng You’an.

Still smiling.

Even smile so naturally.

Of course, the one who is basking under the sun is not you!

Ruan Sixian became more and more uncomfortable, and her smile was extremely stiff.

Zheng You’an probed her head from the camera and said: “Why don’t you relax your facial muscles first You are smiling too unnaturally now.”

Ruan Sixian really tried to relax, but it didn’t help at all.

She suddenly glanced at Fu Mingyu.

In contrast, his smile is so natural.

“If you let him go away, my smile will become natural.”


Zheng You’an choked for a moment and turned to look at Fu Mingyu hesitantly.

“Is she talking about you”

Fu Mingyu didn’t answer her question.

He just glanced at Ruan Sixian, then turned around and left.

Several pilots nearby said in a low voice: “With President Fu watching from there, I’m also stiff all over.”

“But I dare not say that.”

They fully revealed their admiration.

Zheng You’an, who was on the other side of the camera, looked at Ruan Sixian more.

She pondered for a moment, but said nothing.

After the shooting, it was already noon.

Ruan Sixian didn’t go to the cafeteria to eat with other pilots and planned to have a meal at home.

Fu Mingyu’s car stopped at the gate of Hengshi Airlines.

Ruan Sixian saw it from a distance and her steps slightly paused, but after she thought about it, she walked away from the side.

For now, she really doesn’t want to see Fu Mingyu at all.

But there’s only one gate and she just walked out a few steps before that car followed her.

Fu Mingyu rolled down the car window and a stream of cold air from the car’s AC flowed out.

“Have you eaten”

Ruan Sixian ignored him and continued to walk.

And the car continued to follow.

Ruan Sixian stopped helplessly, “What are you following me for”

Fu Mingyu’s expression remained unchanged.

He got out of the car, went to the side of the car and opened the door.

“Get in the car.

I will send you back.”

“Are you so idle”

Fu Mingyu raised his hand and looked at his wristwatch.

“Not that idle, so just hurry and get in the car.”

“I don’t want to.”

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Ruan Sixian ignored him and continued to walk forward.

Fu Mingyu did not rush to follow her, and only said from behind her: “It’s so hot.

Do you plan to just go back like this”

“I can take a taxi myself.”

“It’s peak time now.”

“Then I can wait.”

“What are you so stubborn for” Fu Mingyu said, “How can Yanan drop you off, but I can’t”

Ruan Sixian: “…”

His point of view is so tricky that she even doesn’t know how to answer it.

“Are you in a bad mood today”

Ruan Sixian turned her head back, standing three steps away from him.


If you know that I’m in a bad mood, don’t provoke me then.”

“Have I provoked you I didn’t even talk to you today.

Ruan Sixian took a long breath, “Only by standing there and breathing, you already make me angry.”

After speaking, Ruan Sixian continued to walk again.

But she felt that Fu Mingyu was still following her.

Ruan Sixian turned back and said, “What are you doing again I already said it last night.

I have no feelings for you.

Fu Mingyu nodded: “I know.”

You know but you are still pestering me!

Without waiting for Ruan Sixian to speak, Fu Mingyu said again: “Then why are you angry with me today”

That’s right.

What am I mad at him for

Ruan Sixian was stunned for a moment.

She looked up and saw the faint smile in Fu Mingyu’s eyes, and suddenly reacted.

This dog man is trying to stir her up!


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