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They also have a headache.

They felt that Zheng You’an’ requirements are too high, but they can’t help it either.

They think that Zheng You’an was the boss’ daughter from the cooperative company, and Fu Mingyu personally agreed to let her shoot.

Of course, they will do their best to meet her requirements.

Ruan Sixian said softly, “Got it.

I’m going out now.”

Fortunately, the temperature is not very high this morning.

Ruan Sixian put on her uniform again.

When she arrived at the gate of Hengshi Airlines, the other pilots who were called to make up the shoot were also speechless.

——”Damn, I really envy Old Zhang.

There’s a flight today, so he escaped all of this.”

——”I’m so annoyed.

Actually, I am about to go fishing with my girlfriend in the morning.

Now my girlfriend also got angry.”

——”Hey, do you think that all the people who engaged in art are like this”

Ruan Sixian thought, yes.

Most of Zheng You’an’ finickiness was influenced by Dong Xian.

She also used to be like this, as if she had obsessive-compulsive disorder.

If there was a tiny flaw in a painting that even no one else could see, she would throw it away and repaint it.

A group of people walked in with reluctant steps.

Fortunately, today the makeup artist is also afraid that Zheng You’an will ask her to redo the makeup again, so she took 120,000 thoughts to pass it at once.

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Zheng You’an nodded, looked at several pilots and wanted to say something,but finally just opened her mouth and said that she was going to check the equipment first.

But after a while, Zheng You’an’ assistant came in with a few cold drinks.

The temperature in the early morning is gradually rising, but the sun is not that dazzling.

Ruan Sixian waited for the makeup artist to fix her hair, and then walked to the apron with the iced coffee bought by Zheng You’an.

The various equipment outside have been set up, and Zheng You’an was standing in front of the camera fiddling with something.

There was a person standing next to her.

Ruan Sixian squinted her eyes to look, and found that it was Fu Mingyu.

He is quite free today.

Ruan Sixian walked towards them.

But the destination is not Fu Mingyu.

She passed them and threw the coffee into the trash can.

When she turned around, she saw Fu Mingyu looking at her.

“You are already here”

This tone made them seem to know each other very well.

Obviously they had just quarrelled last night.

Ruan Sixian gave him a strange look, then turned and walked towards the lightboard.

But after taking less than two steps, she heard Zheng You’an, who was behind her, said: “Look, these pictures are not very good-looking.”

Who can look good at a 38 degrees high temperature, huh

Even so, she still heard Fu Mingyu say: “It’s really not very good.”

Ruan Sixian: “…”

She touched her face subconsciously.

Doesn’t it look good After putting on makeup yesterday, she stood in front of the mirror and looked at it for a long time.

She obviously looked very beautiful!

Ruan Sixian pondered this question all the way, but she didn’t look back at all.

She didn’t notice that Zheng You’an’ face changed slightly when she heard Fu Mingyu’s words.

She turned off the LCD screen, looked up and said: “Let’s get started.”

Ruan Sixian stood according to yesterday’s position.

Every time she looks at the camera, Fu Mingyu is standing beside Zheng You’an and is looking at her from afar.

Fu Mingyu really felt that the previous pictures were not very good.

They were not as good-looking as Ruan Sixian usually was.

It’s not better than taking some pictures casually.

Just like now.

She is standing under the plane, wearing a uniform and with a flight cap in her arm while looking to the side with her head tilted.

Just a glance at this is already much better than seeing her stiff smile in the pictures.

As if feeling his gaze staying on her for a long time, Ruan Sixian turned her head and glared at him, and then turned away again from him very unhappily.

Fu Mingyu lowered his head and chuckled softly.


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