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“What am I hesitating about! I’m just thinking about how to scold you! How to make your mind clearer!”

Fu Mingyu laughed: “Really You are usually good at swearing.

Why do you hesitate now “

“I said I am not hesitating! Am I not allowed to run out of words stock!”

Fu Mingyu’s eyes told Ruan Sixian that he obviously doesn’t believe it.

Ruan Sixian’s anger is completely ignited.

She grabbed the bag and smashed it on Fu Mingyu, also kicking him at the same time.

“What are you so narcissistic about Who do you think you are Why do you think that everyone has feelings for you! My heart will only beat so hard when I see dogs, do you get that!”

Fu Mingyu took two steps back and was beaten by her into a sorry state.

He pushed her away and said, “Okay! I get it!”

Ruan Sixian was still angry and kicked Fu Mingyu’s calf.

“Get out of here if you already get it!”

The sky had just lightened up when Ruan Sixian kicked her leg and opened her eyes suddenly.

She lay flat, staring at the ceiling, with her chest still rising and falling violently.

That’s right!

Why didn’t she just directly hit him last night!

He would not believe anything she said anyway, and would only stubbornly live in his own world.

So, just tell him with action then.

Then it would not become only her denying it after Fu Mingyu asked her last night.

Just like the scene in her dream, she should not hold back her strength at all towards a person like Fu Mingyu!

He definitely didn’t believe her denial at that time.

Otherwise, how could he let go of her hand without saying anything, and even told her to rest earlier.

Then he just turned away and left, giving her no chance to continue denying it.

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It’s really hateful that her brilliant brain just got stuck at that kind of time.

She went home and lay in bed thinking all night about how to scold him back, but there was no time machine that could let her go back to that time.

So, no matter how much she thinks, it will not help at all.

Ruan Sixian sat up suddenly and glanced upstairs angrily, wondering if it would be useful to beat him now.

She picked up the phone and looked at it.

It was only five o’clock, and it was still early so Ruan Sixian wanted to go back to sleep.

But as soon as she closed her eyes, the picture from last night reappeared in her mind.

No, the more she thinks about it, the more angry she becomes.

She wondered if there is any remedy for this.

Ruan Sixian sat up again, holding her mobile phone and looking through the address book.

Last night, Si Xiaozhen was on the night shift.

She hadn’t got off work yet at this point, so she couldn’t call her.

It’s Bian Xuan then.

She runs a bar and most of the time, she only goes back to sleep in the morning.

She made the call but nobody answered it until the end.

Ruan Sixian called for the second time, the third time… And on the fifth time, the call finally connected.

Bian Xuan’s irritable voice sounded on the opposite side.

“Sister!! What time is it! What time is it now! If you have no emergency to tell me, we’ll be cut off from now on! “

After being yelled at by Bian Xuan for a while, Ruan Sixian felt guilty, and her momentum went down.

She clutched her cell phone and whispered, “Are you already asleep”

“Nonsense! I drank too much last night!”


“What’s the matter! Say it now!”

Ruan Sixian: “Oh… Last night, that dog man Fu Mingyu, made me so angry.


“Why is it him again!”

Bian Xuan interrupted Ruan Sixian, “Are you disturbing my sweet dream in the morning for such a man What if I took a handsome guy home last night Will you feel guilty towards me”

Ruan Sixian also just woke up, and her brain was not awake yet, but she has completely lost her sleepiness by now.

“Well, chat with me, okay I’m so angry right now.”

There was a rustling voice on the other end of the phone.


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