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Jiangcheng, autumn.

A gust of wind dispersed the thick clouds covering the moon in the night sky, and the light sprinkled on the ground was brighter.

The rice in the field was reflected into dark gold, and the shallow waves were swayed by the wind.

This is the Suburban Farmland in the early morning.

It’s as quiet as the plants that are sleeping.

The asphalt road, which is connected with the ridge, chases the light all the way to the front, and is cut off by a piece of yellow lacquer, facing the magnificent airport runway in a distance.

The airport, at this point, is quite different from the fields.

The lights are bright and the personnel are busy.

A Boeing 737 landed smoothly and more than a dozen shuttle buses moved forward in an orderly manner.

Ruan Sixian pulled the flight case and strode toward the meeting floor of Hengshi Airlines’s flight attendant department.

The wind was blowing under her feet and her forehead was sweaty.

When she got into the elevator, she took out her mobile phone and looked at it.

The time was 12:41, less than five minutes before the pre-voyage collaboration meeting.

The elevator door opened and Ruan Sihan walked through the crowded hall and turned to the meeting room corridor.

At the door of the B32 meeting room, several flight attendants in the same blue uniform as her, stood there and were chatting together.

“Ruan Sixian, why are you late”

Jiang Ziyue in the crowd turned around and asked.

Ruan Sixian caught up a bit, and she was relieved, “Something happened when I went out.”

Jiang Ziyue is the Purser, so she has to point it out: “Pay more attention next time.

I won’t care about other things, but you know that today’s flight is very important.”

Ruan Sixian nodded and said yes.

Today’s flight, directly from Jiangcheng to London, belongs to the international core flight of Hengshi Airlines.

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The special thing is that Fu Mingyu, the deputy director of operations of Hengshi Airlines, also took this flight.

At ordinary times, Fu Mingyu travels mostly by private plane, and there are not many opportunities to take the Hengshi Airlines.

Therefore, as the Purser, Jiang Ziyue gave the instructions to the small group of crew members as soon as she saw the passenger list.

Ruan Sixian looked at the meeting room again, “They haven’t come out yet”

Jiang Ziyue: “Yeah, I also don’t know what’s going on with the crew of this flight.

Our captain is even still in the bathroom.”

“Then I will also go to the bathroom to tidy up my silk scarf and add some makeup.”

Ruan Sixian was afraid of being late when she left the dormitory, so she trotted all the way with sweats all over her neck which seeped into her silk scarf, and it is a very uncomfortable thing.

After she said so, Ruan Sixian then hurried to the bathroom, turned on the faucet to wash her hands, and pinned the two scattered hairs behind her ears with her index finger that had been stained with water.

She looked at herself in the mirror, with her delicate makeup, her meticulous curly hair, her demure and self-cultivation uniform—not bad, but nothing special.

Only the silk scarf on her neck, which was crooked into a bit like a rabbit’s drooping ears, made her look somewhat different than the other flight attendants.

But this difference is only in her eyes.

No one else will notice about this.

Now the twisted and interesting silk scarf had to be untied by herself, and then tied again.

At the same time as she lowered her hand, Ruan Sixian touched the object in the inner pocket of her uniform.

She pauses, unbuttons a button and reaches out for the thing.

It is a letter.

The envelope was sealed with red wax.

——This is what caused Ruan Sixian to go out late.

This afternoon, her roommate Si Xiaozhen learned that Fu Mingyu was on a flight with Ruan Sixian.

So she wrote this letter and asked her to find a chance to give it to Fu Mingyu.

Seeing that Ruan Sixian was seemingly reluctant about this, Si Xiaozhen then said with red eyes: “We have been studying the books together every day and preparing for the pilot recruitment examination together.

The registration clearly will be held next week.

But in the end, the Feiyang plan was cancelled just like that! Do you really don’t want to fight for it once again “

The Feiyang plan is the internal recruitment plan of Hengshi Airlines.

Every year, a part of the internal staff of Hengshi Airlines will be selected for pilot training, regardless of position or gender.

This year, Fu Mingyu, who is in charge of the flight department, canceled the Feiyang plan which is about to enter the registration period.


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