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Happy Monday!

Heres the chapter, enjoy.

Todays the day that we visit the Queen Bees nest.

Today, Ilya-chan and my younger sister had been restless since morning, and the girls at the orphanage seemed happy for some reason as well.

They were probably much happier than the time when we first hunted and picked fruits.

When we arrived at the location designated for the hut, Sakuya-chan had a smile on her face.

Seeing that, Ojii-san was smiling as well.

Leaving Sakuya-chan with Ilya-chan and my younger sister, I accompanied Ojii-san and we completed everything planned for the morning.

Just before noon, I headed to where Obaa-san was.

I went there to give her the spices given to me by Char-chan and teach her how to make the snake karaage.

I had asked her to put the fatty meat into the fire a little while before we started, so we were able to get about half the oil needed.

Before the oil was ready, we cut up the snake meat and seasoned it.

Later, we just needed to fry it, so I left it to Obaa-san.

Of course, Obaa-san had the cooking skill, so she probably wouldnt make a mistake.

Everyone finished up the snake karaage lunch, and as we were about to head to the Queen Bees nest, Sakuya-chan was also making preparations to depart.

「…Sakuya-chan, what are you doing」

「I, I will go get honey too….」

「Dont worry, well get it properly」

「I cant go」

「Ojii-san, what should we do」

「I dont mind.

If I watch Sakuya, then therell be no problem.

Sakuya~, go together with Ojii-chan~!!」

Aah, Ojii-san had become a foolish old man….

「Then, lets go at once.」

I decided to depart before Ojii-san made Sakuya-chan mad.

This time, we didnt go to the flower field and headed straight to the Queen Bees nest.

At the nest, the Honey Bees were doing their best to collect the honey.

We called out to the Queen Bee and talked to it as they shared their honey with us.

The girls took the initiative to collect the honey.

According to the Queen Bee, it seems that thanks to the barrier that Ojii-san had put up, the monsters targeting the nests honey did not come near and they were able to collect honey more steadily than usual.

Only, the collection sites like the flower field didnt have barriers, so they couldnt be careless.

I tried using Appraisal on the Honey Bees that were flying around, but it seems they had yet to become my familiars.

I dont know if they would next time, but lets see how it goes.

I poured my mana into several of them and turned them into my familiars.

Since Im worried that they wont turn into my familiars.

As I was doing that, the girls returned.

「We got honey!!」

「Honey…it looks delicious….」

「We received the honey.」

「Good work~.」

The girls seemed happy.

It seems that they received around the same amount as last time.

It seems that it was true that they were able to collect the honey more steadily than before.

Ojii-san put away the honey that was in Sakuya-chans hands, and I did the same for the honey that Ilya-chan and my younger sister brought back.

It wouldnt be good if it fell on the way back.

We planned to go hunting after that, but what was Sakuya-chan going to do

「Ojii-san, what is Sakuya-chan going to do after this」

「Fumu, its good to observe a fight once in a while.

Of course, if Sakuya wants to, you can participate as well.」

「Sakuya-chan, what are you going to do」

「…Ill do my best….」

「Together with Sakuya-chan~!!」

My younger sister seemed happy to go with Sakuya-chan.

There should be no problems, since the monsters that Ojii-san brought were ones that were within the limits of what we could defeat, except for the last monster.

Sakuya-chan was arranged to be in the rear guard as she used magic, so Cruz-kun, do your best!!


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