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Happy Wednesday!

Heres the chapter, enjoy.

The morning of the next day, I had a feeling of paralysis. 

No, my younger sister was tightly holding onto me and I was unable to move. 

She saw me making preparations for departure yesterday, and it seems that she invaded my futon in the middle of the night and clung onto me.

I woke my sister up and asked her to let go, but she did not.

The children who came to visit us who did not get up after so long were troubled as well.

They called the Director-sensei and she had, somehow or another, let go, but this time, she burst into tears.

After that, I stroked her head, rubbed her cheeks, hugged her, doing various things, and it had been close to an hour before she stopped crying. 

It turned out later than expected, but I had departed, heading towards Dragon Forest.

I got permission from Director-sensei, but I was clearly someone to be protected in the perspectives of others, so like the previous time, I traveled in an inconspicuous manner.

I checked my status as I walked.

The other day, Char-chan 

「If you collect this many fruits, you may receive the skill to harvest them.」

taught me how to read my status.

The status recorded ones name, age, gender, race, as well as skills. 

There were no HP and MP that usually appeared in games.

Certainly, no matter how much HP one had, a stab in the heart or decapitation would result in instantaneous death.

It seems that things like physical strength too were not displayed in numerical value.

And, certainly, I had the harvest skill.

Rather, there was a moderate increase in skills.

Was it because kids learned things easily

For now, I needed to conceal my skills so that it wouldnt look strange even when seen by others.

First, the ones I received from God.

Different World Language・Item Box・Appraisal・Magic Manipulation・Concealment

These definitely needed to be hidden.

, magic.

I learned fire, water, wind, earth, light, dark, as well as lifestyle magic.

I still did not know how widespread the magic of this world was, so lets hide this as well.

Body strengthening was magic as well However, if I didnt have this, a three year old child wouldnt be able to go to a place like Dragon Forest, so lets display this.

Other than that

Harvest・Mana Detection・Mana Concealment・Detection・Stealth・Superior Recovery

I learned them.

Lets display everything except for Mana Detection and Concealment.

With this, I had become someone who stealthily harvests.

This, I had no means to physically attack, so I wanted to quickly learn to throw a knife.

== Status ==

Name: Shuu

Gender: Male

Age: 3

Race: Human

Level: 1

Occupation: Orphan

Skill: Body Strengthening・Detection・Stealth・Harvest・Superior Recovery

Something like this.

Rather, I was still at level 1….

As I played with my status, Dragon Forest came into sight.

Today, my departure had been delayed, so I didnt really encounter any carriages. 

I moved to an inconspicuous place, and took a break.

After around thirty minutes, lets go look for the starting point where I could find the previous times fruits.

I wanted to find new fruits this time as well.

Similar to last time, I collected fruits as I gathered medicinal herbs and dead branches.

It had only been a week since the previous time, but perhaps it was because there was plenty of mana and their growth was good, as they had actually multiplied, so I harvested around the same amount as last time.

After procuring the fruits that were similar to that of apples and oranges, I went in search of new food.

On the way, I created stones using earth magic , and practiced throwing them so that I could get the throwing skill.

After that, I found two kinds of fruits, and was also able to find Japanese yams and potatoes.

This time, I discovered mushrooms as well.

Appraisal deemed them edible, but it was the kind that could be used in medicine as well, so lets confirm it with either Director-sensei or Char-chan.

This time, there were many varieties, so I collected a somewhat smaller quantity for each type, and stored them in my Item Box.

I wanted to gradually increase the contents of my Item Box as well. 

Thinking this, I returned to the orphanage earlier than usual.


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