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Happy Monday!

Heres the chapter, enjoy.

The next day, we headed to Ojii-sans place.

In the morning, I processed the lumber, Cruz-kun trained with Ojii-san, and Ilya-chan and my younger sister did needlework and processed leather with Obaa-san and Sakuya-chan, just like the previous time.

I asked Cruz-kun to dismantle the prey from the previous time.

I was really looking forward to eating the Orc because it seemed delicious.

Also, I was happy that there were parts of the Orc that could be sold.

After everyone had lunch, the members went hunting, just like last time.

Following after Ojii-san, we went through the forest, but it seems that were going down a path that was different from the previous time.

「Ojii-san, I think were heading in a different direction than usual!!」

「Aah, today, I plan on having you fight new monsters at a different place.」

「New monsters」

「Dont worry, since theyre weaker than goblins.」

「Monsters that are weaker than goblins」

「Maa, look forward to it when we get there!!」

Ojii-san was smiling as he continued to walk deeper into the forest.

After walking for about thirty minutes, a vast field of flowers came into view.

「Master, this is the place!」

「Thats right.

Today, Ill have you fight the Rainbow Caterpillars and the Magical Butterflies.」

「Rainbow Caterpillars」「Magical Butterflies」

We looked around the field of flowers, but did not find any monsters that looked like the ones he was talking about.

「Ojii-san, there are no such monsters」

「What are you saying, arent they there in swarms!!」

Having been told that, we tried reconfirming it, but there were butterflies, bees, and caterpillars, but there were no monsters to be found.

No, somethings strange

I see, it was their size!!

「Could it be, those caterpillars and butterflies are monsters」

「Thats right.」

Certainly, if you looked closely, the butterflies, bees, caterpillars, and flowers were huge. 

「Also, you should not attack the Honey Bees.」

「The Honey Bees are those bees Why」

「Aah, its those bees.

Honey Bees are weak by themselves, but if you attacked one, all the Honey Bees in the vicinity would attack you.

If its you guys, you would be able to defeat them, but its dangerous, so attacking them is still prohibited.

(Besides, if their numbers decrease, then that would be troublesome….)」


Then, for now, defeating the butterflies and the caterpillars is fine, right」

「Thats right.

Also, do not attack the Honey Bees!!」

And so, the assault of the Rainbow Caterpillar and Magical Butterfly began.

To summarize from Ojii-sans talk and the results from Appraisal, the Rainbow Caterpillars body was a single color, and there were seven types, so theyre monsters that consisted of seven different colors and it seems that even if the colors were different, theyre all called Rainbow Caterpillars.

Theyre weaker than Horned Rabbits, and it seems that their only method of attack was spitting out thread.

However, that thread was of good quality and was seven-colored, so it seems that it was a popular good.

It seems that the meat () was more or less edible.

It seems that the Magical Butterfly was a monster that was the evolution (), eclosion () of the Rainbow Caterpillar.

Similar to the Rainbow Caterpillar, the Magical Butterfly was seven-colored, and it seems that there were no rules that were dependent on the color, but they could use earth, water, fire, and wind magic or manipulate paralysis, poison, sleeping powder. 

「Alright, then, Shuu and I will take care of the caterpillars, and Ilya and the pipsqueak will be in charge of the butterflies!!」

「Roger!!」「Got it.」「Aye!!」

「Be careful of the Honey Bees!!」

When Cruz-kun shouted, we began the hunt.


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