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We immediately began making preparations for hunting the Fanged Boar.

I had Pii-chan look for a place where we could dig a pitfall, and opened up a hole using magic.

Then, my younger sister and I were standing on the other side of the hole, facing the direction in which the Fanged Boar was approaching, and Cruz-kun and Ilya-chan were each paired with one of the older children, with each pair on either side of us. 

Miu and Queen were faced towards the direction where the Fanged Boar was, and one wolf cub was with each of the Cruz-kun and the others pairs.

The remaining familiars were with me.

I had already told the two people the plan, and gave the swords that could cut through the hide to the children with wooden swords.

The wolf cubs let me know that the preparations were completed, and I told Miu to begin.

As always, Miu attacked the Fanged Boar, and then ran in our direction.

As a precaution, Queen was following behind the Fanged Boar.

Miu approached the pitfall, and jumped over it.

Not noticing anything, the Fanged Boar continued to run straight ahead and splendidly fell into the pitfall.

There, if it was before, I wouldve thrown the casting net, but now, my level had risen, and Ive gotten skilled at manipulating magic, so I filled the hole with earth the moment the Fanged Boar fell into the hole.

I was able to fill up the hole before the Fanged Boar could get out of it.

However, perhaps it was because I was a bit slow, as its forelimb was slightly sticking out.

「Alright, we did it!! You two, hurry up and try attacking the Fanged Boar, aiming at its eyes!!」

「「Got it!!!」」

As their voices fell, the two people rushed out of the thicket and nervously approached the Fanged Boar.

「Ahh, it would be troublesome if you get dirty, so be careful of the blood!!」

「O, ou.」「(Nod)」

The two people approached cautiously, and then stopped at a distance where the sword could reach.

As expected, you would hesitate during your first battle.

「As expected, do we need to try something like a Horned Rabbit!」

Unable to just stand there watching, Cruz-kun called out to the two people.

「No, its fine.」「Aah, we can do it!!」

The two people answered and nodding to each other, they thrust their swords towards the Fanged Boars eyes.

After this, the two of them would back away and I would give the finishing blow with wind magic!!

It went according to the plan, but the two people stabbed the Fanged Boar with their swords and then no longer moved.

「You two, move away from there!!」

「Ahh, aah.」「Sorry.」

They listened to what I said and returned to the thicket where they had been before.

Making sure that my comrades were not in the line of fire, I released my wind magic.

「Fighting monsters…its somewhat different, but how was it」

Resting in the shade of a tree, I called out to the two people.

「Im kind of tired….」

「I thought that I would be able to do it if it were a Horned Rabbit, but the Fanged Boar was quite scary….」

「Actually, I wanted to start with a Horned Rabbit and get you used to it though.

Did you level up」

「Aah, I passed level 10.」

「Really! Then from now on, it should get easier, physically!!」

「I see, but today, Im already tired.」

「Lets see, something like draining the blood, well do it, so take a break.」


I let the two people rest, and headed towards Cruz-kun and the others who were draining the blood.

ly, we dug a hole and then drained the blood, but now, our levels had risen, and we had the strength, so we were able to lift it and hang it up on the tree.

There was nothing to do until the blood was finished draining, so Cruz-kun, Queen, and the others went hunting.

After the blood had been drained, I put the Fanged Boar into my Item Box, and then we returned when Cruz-kun and the others came back from their hunt.

The two people had recovered enough that they were able to walk, so they drained the blood of Cruz-kun and the others prey, and then we slowly returned.


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