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Happy Wednesday!

Heres the chapter, enjoy.

「Here, your reward.」

After arriving at the wolf cart, Ojii-san said that as he took out the money from the bag that we received from the onee-san for the subjugation of the goblins.

「Ahh We cant take that!!」

「What are you saying, this is the remuneration for the goblin subjugation.

You heard it just now, didnt you」

「Thats not it, were receiving training from Ojii-san, so we cant accept that.」

「Dont worry about it.

This is for training as well.」


「Umu, up until now, the wolf boy has been fighting with a short sword and a wooden sword, but in the future, youre going to fight against monsters that are stronger than the goblins.

In that case, it would be difficult to fight with your current weapon.

Thats why, use the remuneration to buy a stronger weapon.」

「I, I see….」

「Also, you are not accustomed to using money, and have never appraised any weapons before, right This is a good opportunity to do so, this is also training.」

「A new weapon, huh~.」

「Maa, though they would soon be replaced by the weapons made by the boy.」


「Really! Ill leave it to you, Shuu!!」

No, no, no, this was my first time hearing that though! Or rather, I already had my hands full with the woodworking though!

「What, theres plenty of time, be patient.」


Then, are we going to the weapons store now」

「No, were going there too, but well go to the fabric store first.

Sakuya and Baa-san asked me to buy a lot of cloth for them.」

「Aah, they have been doing a lot of needlework these days~.」

And so, we started walking towards the fabric store.

Arriving at the store, Ojii-san randomly selected the fabric.

He wasnt even checking the prices, but I wonder if thats ok

He purchased so much, which made me wonder just how many people they were making clothes for, and it added up to more than the amount of money that he received from the selling of the materials.

After that, he purchased the same wheat, spices, alcohol, and the like as the previous time, and then we arrived at the weapons store that had been our objective.

This time, we visited the general shore that was geared towards adventurers. 

They were selling mass-produced items, goods made by apprentices, and secondhand items here.

Of course, even if the items were made by apprentices, the store appraised them, so they would not be inferior goods.

If they were broken during a battle or something, it would be a matter of life and death, so that was a matter of course.

Maa, it seems that there were occasionally cases where the people who purchased them did not maintain them properly though….

Incidentally, a lot of the time, the items from stores like this were purchased by novice adventurers and were bought as reserve weapons, and Cruz-kuns short sword and Ilya-chans small bow and arrows were also bought here.

After becoming a veteran, it seems that weapons were usually made-to-order by the blacksmith.

「Well then, wolf boy, since its a weapon youll use, choose it yourself.」

「Got it, Master!!」

Cruz-kun said that and headed towards the counter that was lined with one-handed swords.

「Then, maybe Ill take a look around as well~.」

「Wait, boy, have you used Appraisal recently」

Asked by Ojii-san, I thought about it, and I certainly had not used Appraisal these days.

For harvesting, we just frequented the same places, and I had left the hunting to Ojii-san, Cruz-kun, and the familiars.

Or rather, the only thing Ive been doing recently was woodworking.

「I have not…used it.」

「Even if its a skill, even if its a technique, if you dont use it, it will stay stagnant, so use Appraisal and go look for a treasure or something.」

「A treasure」

「Usually, there are some shopkeepers who have Appraisal and they wouldnt sell something that was valuable in a shop like this, but your Appraisal is powerful enough to even see through my race, so perhaps there is an item that the shopkeepers were not able to evaluate」

「Theres such a difference in Appraisals」

「Its something like proficiency.

Its like how there would be differences even if newbie and veteran adventurers had the same kenjutsu skill.

In this case, your Appraisal had been superior ever since you had obtained it.」

「I see.

Then, Ill try looking for treasure.」

「Aah, also, look through the secondhand goods, ok Since I dont think there is anyone in such a store that can make a good weapon.

And, when you use Appraisal, take care to not be discovered, ok」


Then, Im going!!」

And so, I went treasure hunting.


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