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Happy Monday!

Heres the chapter, enjoy.

After that day, I immediately began building the house.

Though I said that, there was not much I could do though….

We more or less had the materials, which was the wood, but it wasnt enough to build a house with, so I needed Ojii-san to cut down trees.

However, the trees that had just been cut down had a lot of moisture and could not be used immediately, so I needed to think of a way.

I didnt know if I could do it, but either manipulate the moisture using water magic and dehydrate it, or evaporate it using fire magic, I wonder which would be best.

For now, Ill have Ojii-san cut the trees starting tomorrow, and so I decided to search for a location where I will build the hut today.

Ojii-san and I, the two of us, and the familiars left the forest. 

Right outside the forest was a meadow and the view was very scenic. 

However, it was too scenic and if we built the hut here, it would probably stand out. 

「Where will we build it」

「Lets see, it doesnt matter where you build it, and it would be good to have a river nearby」

「But, the river seems to be a bit far, isnt it」

「Then, should we dig a well or something」

「Normally, you wouldnt.

Which means, as expected, perhaps near a river~.」

Walk a little further and a river could be seen.

Perhaps it was the same river that flowed near Ojii-sans house.

The rivers surroundings were picturesque as well.

I wonder if there was some kind of magic that could conceal the house

「Around here is good.」

He said that and the place where we stopped was in the middle of the meadow that was a short distance away from the river.

「Were building it here」

「Umu, if its close to the river, Im afraid that it would flood.

Besides, were going to conceal it using a barrier anyways, so its fine.」

「A barrier you say, like the one in the forest」

「Something similar.

This time, I plan on making it hard to find, not concealing it.」

「…what do you mean」

「Fumu, the barrier in the forest doesnt let anyone come close, and makes it so that the house couldnt be seen, but here, the repellent force will be weakened, and the house will only be hidden in the shadow of a boulder or something.」

「You can do something like that Or rather, why something like that…」

「The barrier itself isnt anything complicated.

Also, it would be strange if the house couldnt be seen even though we live near the forest, right Thats why, Ill stop hiding it.」

Come to think of it, thats true.

It was a house for my younger sister, but it was also a house for camouflage purposes. 

「I see….

Then, what should we do」

「Lets see, the ground around here is soft, so first, harden it using earth magic.」

「Harden the ground …for now, Ill try it out.」

And then, I crouched down and put my hand on the ground. 

I poured my mana into the ground and imagined the earth hardening.

When I did so, it seemed good to harden it so that there were no gaps within the soil. 

After a while, the area around my hand hardened.

And, the range gradually expanded. 

Was it alright if the depth was around one meter

Was it ok if the range was a little larger than the house in the forest

My mana ran out in the middle, but we were near the forest, so it was easily recovered.

「Is this much fine」

「Its enough.」

When the earth was hardened in this way, the ground would sink in and there would be a large hole.

TN: its similar to when you dig out a hole in the ground for the basement when you build a house.

Therefore, your starting level is beneath ground level. 

「With this, the foundation is good.

, create a large boulder in the vicinity.」

「A large boulder」

「That boulder will hide the house.」

「Aah, so thats it.

Then, a cave or something would be interesting.」

Saying that, I created a large boulder near the hole.

And, it was enveloped by the boulder, blocking it from view from three different directions, and then we were done for today.

I told Ojii-san that I would come here with my younger sister the day after tomorrow, and then, my familiars and I returned to the orphanage.


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